Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Encrypted communication for mere mortals

superheroes welcome, too

The LEAP Encryption Access project is dedicated to giving all Internet users access to secure communications. Our focus is on adapting encryption technology to make it easy to use and widely available. Not only end users deserve useable programs, the barriers to entry for aspiring service providers are pretty high. LEAP's goal is to transform the existing frustration and failure into an automated and straightforward process.

We are currently working on two services:

  • VPN, to protect the internet connection of the users and be able to circumvent internet blockages. bitmask (the leap client) makes easy to set up the VPN connection and configuring a firewall to prevent IP leaks (over DNS, IPv6 or others), routing all the traffic of the computer over the VPN
  • email, encrypting the emails on transit and at rest. Making key discovery and usage trasparent to the user at the same time that is compatible with the existing clients using OpenPGP. As well as encrypting the email storage in the client so the provider or a mitm can't access them.

In this talk we'll give:

  • an overview of our architecture and why we believe this federated model is the way to go for the masses
  • the current state of our project and upcoming work/focus
  • give a short walkthrough on how to run such a service provider with your local hackerspace/NGO/ISP/friends & family