Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Asterisk Project: Do I see video in the future?

Haven't heard about what's new in the world of Asterisk or missed Astricon this last year? This is your opportunity to get filled in on what's happening and try to figure out how you can utilize new features in Asterisk in your network. Plan is to cover what's happened since the last major release of Asterisk and cover what will be going into the next one.

This talk should cover topics ranging from what's happened in the last year with the project to what is on the horizon for the next big release of Asterisk. Should cover the what's been introduced into Asterisk since the 14.0.0 was released all the way up to what will (probably) be going into the 16 release. Prepare to be amazed!


Photo of Matthew Fredrickson Matthew Fredrickson