Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


OSS-7: an opensource DASH7 stack

When active RFID meets IoT and how to use DASH7 to build flexible IoT solutions

In this talk we will introduce how the flexibility of the DASH7 Alliance Protocol can be used to solve a lot of IoT use cases. Starting from a simple embedded application which measures sensor values we will demonstrate how the full stack approach of DASH7 enables you to (re-)configure the behavior of the network stack and application, over the air, without touching the application code. Different communication schemes will be discussed together with the trade-offs for aspects like energy consumption and down-link latency. We show how the simple but powerful API (based on file operations) allows to approach a network like a distributed database which you can address based on data queries instead of using node addresses. Finally, we will also discuss the implementation of OSS-7, related tools and the road forward.


Photo of Glenn Ergeerts Glenn Ergeerts