Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Introduction to web development in C++ with Wt 4

A server-side web framework written in C++

This talk is an introduction to Wt, a server-side web framework written in C++. Wt 4 is the latest version and introduces a more modern C++11-based API.

Wt is a server-side web framework written in C++. Unlike many server-side web frameworks, Wt is widget-based. It is designed to deliver a development experience similar to desktop UI frameworks, abstracting away the underlying web technologies. If JavaScript support is unavailable, it will even fall back to plain HTML automatically. This allows C++ developers to quickly develop highly interactive applications. Because it's written in C++, Wt is especially well-suited for embedded platforms.

Wt 4, released in September 2017, updates its API to use C++11. The result is that the API of Wt 4 is more clear and exception safe, relies on fewer Boost dependencies, and compiles faster.

This talk will be an introduction to Wt 4 for C++ programmers. We will show how to make a "hello world"-style web application with Wt, and demonstrate some selected features of Wt. By the end of the talk, the audience should have enough knowledge to get started with Wt 4. No knowledge of older versions of Wt is required.


Photo of Roel Standaert Roel Standaert