Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Iago Lopez Galeiras

Technical Lead & co-founder at Kinvolk, a software engineering team focused on building foundational Linux technologies for the cloud. My interests are rkt, Kubernetes, systemd, BPF, and containers.

Iago brought his relaxed Spanish demeanor to Berlin a few years back. Since then, he’s been diving and swimming around the internals of various Linux flavors; Android, embedded and Cloud. He’s a top contributor to the rkt project and for the past year he was pushing the limits of eBPF to get runtime statistics. Although he once got distracted by functional programming, his daily tasks see him working mainly in Go and C.


Title Day Room Track Start End
State of the rkt container runtime and its Kubernetes integration
A look at the progress of rkt and rktlet, the Kubernetes CRI implementation of rkt
Sunday UD2.120 (Chavanne) Containers 11:30 11:50