Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Graphite at Scale at Criteo: BigGraphite

Bye bye whisper !

Graphite meets Cassandra to Scale Monitoring at Criteo

This talks is about the BigGraphite project:

People love or hate Graphite (,, and whatever might be your take on it, it's huge part of the open source monitoring ecosystem. Graphite store data in it's own database, called whisper. But managing whisper at scale can become a challenge. BigGraphite original goals where to reduce the human cost of maintaining Graphite at scale by allowing SRE teams to easilly add and remove machines.

This talk will explain how we did it, how we use Graphite at Criteo, and our future plans for BigGraphite.

See the deck of slides to know more:

The talk will be shortened to fit in 25min (+5 min questions).


Photo of Corentin Chary Corentin Chary