Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Gluster-4.0 and GD2

Learn what's in Gluster's future

The new Gluster-4.0 release with GlusterD-2.0 makes Gluster easier to scale, manage, integrate and develop for. Learn how this benefits users and developers.

Gluster is free and open source software scalable network filesystem. Gluster can be installed and easily configured on commodity hardware to provide a general purpose, posix-compliant storage system. Gluster can be accessed from anywhere using the traditional NFS and SMB protocols, or with the native Gluster client. A more complete overview of Gluster and its capabilities can be found here.

Gluster-4.0 is the new upcoming major release of GlusterFS, planned for very early 2018. Gluster-4.0 brings in many new changes and features, the biggest being GlusterD-2.0.

GlusterD is the native distributed management framework of Gluster. It is a core part of the Gluster experience. GlusterD-2.0 is a ground-up reimplementation of the management framework for Gluster-4.0, that is more scalable, easier to use and easier to integrate with than before.

This presentation will provide a attendees with an overview of Gluster, Gluster-4.0 and GlusterD-2.0. New users will get to know what Gluster is, and how it can help their storage needs. Existing users will get to know what to expect when upgrading to Gluster-4.0, and prepare for it. Developers will get to know how they Gluster-4.0 and GD2 make it easier to develop for and integrate with Gluster.


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