Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


A real life story about product testing with robotframework

Lessons learned testing IoT devices with robotframework.

The residential heating division of Bosch thermotechnology is developing products for domestic hot water and central heating in homes. These products include an app (iOS and Android) connected smart room thermostat and a control unit for controlling a boiler appliances. During this presentation, we want to share our lessons learned by explaining our testing strategy and the usage of robotframework.

Specifically we will share our story about:

  • Our usage of robotframework to test the mobile apps we develop. Show framework architecture for combined on target and simulator testing. How to test on several different real phones.
  • The testing of the internet connected room thermostat with robotframework. How to handle (stub, mock or fake) the different (radio) interfaces.
  • How we setup robotframework to test the embedded software with accelerated time. Show the architecture of the embedded software and how we can run this on both target and PC platform. How the modelled system dynamics were used during testing.
  • Do's and dont's when testing a product during development.

About the authors:

  • Alex van de Schootbrugge is an embedded software engineer working on the smart room thermostat.
  • Windel Bouwman is an embedded software engineer working on the control units for boiler appliances.


Alex van de Schootbrugge
Windel Bouwman