Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


FOSS/H EDA tools for SPICE modeling

EspoTek’s Labrador is a tiny yet powerful device that transforms a PC into a fully featured electronics lab, complete with an oscilloscope, signal generator, logic analyzer, multimeter and power supply. Qucs (Quite Universal Circuit Simulator) is an integrated circuit (IC) simulator which allow to setup a circuit with a schematic entry graphical user interface (GUI) and simulate the large and small-signal (DC, AC, S-parameter, Harmonic Balance and noise analysis) of the microelectronic circuit. Both hardware and software are 100% open-source (FOSS). Both tools will be used to illustrate complete flow of the measurements, characterization and SPICE modeling of the semiconductor devices for EDA IC design applications. EspoTek’s Labrador and Qucs cointegrations thru embedded Octave scripts will be discussed as well.


Photo of Guilherme Brondani Torri Guilherme Brondani Torri