Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Piece of cake

testing remote embedded devices made easy with MuxPi

Designing custom hardware, though might seem intimidating at first, can simplify many activities. It solves certain issues, but often raises many others. Paweł will present a fresh open hardware approach at providing remote access (including device flashing, debugging and power management) to embedded devices - MuxPi, successor of SD MUX board (showcased during FOSDEM 2016 and Embedded Linux Conference 2016).

Presentation will introduce novices to the topic of testing on remote embedded devices and previous attempts to do so. It will focus on software components of the new Tizen GNU/Linux distribution's testing laboratory (currently in the process of being published open source):

  • Boruta - board farm management system,
  • Weles - LAVA-compatible testing framework,
  • Perun - binary image testing system.

Advanced capabilites of presented hardware (MuxPi) are discussed during talk in Embedded, mobile and automotive devroom.

This talk will hopefully encourage discussion on this topic or inspire attendees to try those components out in their own setups and share feedback on what can be further improved.


Paweł Wieczorek