Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Browser-as-GUI and Web Applications with Gnoga

Gnoga is an all-Ada library that uses the features of modern web browsers as a portable GUI. The program may run on the same computer as the browser, or on a server over the internet. Participants will be introduced to using Gnoga to create such programs.

A singleton version of the Random_Int demo program will be used to demonstrate the use of Gnoga as the GUI for a program running on the same computer as the browser. Random_Int is a very simple program that generates (pseudo)random integers in a user-specified range.

The Chattanooga demo is a text-chat server program allowing people to chat on line. It demonstrates the use of Gnoga to create web applications. A secure version of Chattanooga can sometimes be accessed at (The certificate for this site has expired, but can still be used to ensure encrypted communication with the site.)

After installing Gnoga, the demos are available in the demo directory.

More information about Gnoga may be found at, especially the Tools page.


Photo of Jeffrey R. Carter Jeffrey R. Carter