Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Maximizing UX for Customizing

Improving user experience and accessibility of LibreOffice's Customize dialog

Past, present, and the future of LibreOffice's Customize dialog.

You can customize menus, toolbars, context (right-click) menus and keyboard shortcuts in LibreOffice, add new menus and toolbars, and assign macros to events.

In the past, the Customize Dialog was providing many ways to change how LibreOffice looks and behaves, but it was not very usable, and it was in need of a revamp. Starting with GSoC 2017, we started a journey to modernize the Customize dialog to make it more usable, fully accessible, and less buggy.

I will try to present a summary about the journey so far, and the plans for the future.


Photo of Muhammet Kara Muhammet Kara