Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


LTTng: The road to container awareness

Kernel and userspace tracing in a containerized world

The LTTng kernel and user-space tracer were designed for traditional Linux hosts but can also be used in a container environment. While we currently lack high-level functions and integration with container technologies, the raw data can be gathered and analysed by the seasoned lttng user. This talk will detail what is currently available, what we would like to add and hopefully what the community would expect from a container aware version of LTTng.

These are the majors topics that will be covered :

  • LTTng kernel tracer

    • Namespace contexts
    • Namespaces in the statedump
  • LTTng UST userspace tracer

    • Running the session daemon on the host or in the containers
    • Adding namespace contexts
    • Trace correlation between host and containers
  • LTTng analyses, python analysis scripts

    • Adding container awareness to current analyses
    • Containers specific analyses


Michael Jeanson