Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Crowdsupply EOMA68 Progress Report

A summary of the past year working on fulfilling the pledges from the EOMA68 August 2016 Crowdsupply Campaign

2,500 people kindly backed the EOMA68 Libre Laptop and EOMA68-A20 Computer Card Crowdsupply Campaign last year. This talk will briefly outline the progress and some of the strange-seeming decisions that have had to have been made. It's also worth noting that at the beginning of the year, Intel! Announced! The World's! First! Ever! Modular! Computer Card! - in reality they're actually about 6th down a long list. We're not worried about them copying the concept, and will explain why during the talk (one hint: Intel backdoor spyware co-processor...)

Also the reasoning behind why the project also includes the creation of an entirely new 3D Printer (the Riki200) and also a new 3D printer Controller PCB will be explained (big hint: cost. Incredibly, an entire 3D printer's components can be sourced in Shenzhen for LESS money than a western-designed and manufactured DuetWifi 3D Controller Board!)


Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton