Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Migrating to Red Hat IdM in a large Linux Environment

This talk will discuss how Red Hat IT is moving from a centralized LDAP and kerberos setup to a Red Hat IdM setup for all of our Linux users and hosts.

As you'd expect, Red Hat IT has a very large Linux user base. For over a decade our associates have relied on Red Hat Directory Server (standard LDAP), MIT kerberos and some homegrown automation for most of their identity information and authentication. As we've grown overtime we have desired a more integrated and featureful solution. Red Hat IdM/FreeIPA is this solution.

This talk will go over what our old infrastructure was and what we are moving to. More importantly, it will cover all the snags we've hit along the way and what we did about them.


Dustin Minnich