Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Godot 3, libre gamedev for everyone

The 2D and 3D game engine you've waited for!

Community driven and fully FOSS, Godot Engine has established itself as the main 2D and 3D game engine in the FOSS ecosystem, and one of the key players in the game development industry as a whole. Its third installment brings 18 months of hard work from over 400 contributors, and so many features that we can't possibly showcase them all during a lightning talk - still, we will give a quick overview of the engine, its strength and the most striking features that may light in you the spark of game development using FOSS tools!

The award-winning 2D and 3D FOSS game engine Godot got its bigger release so far in January 2018, and after 18 months of intensive development (10 to 20 pull requests a day!) it is ready to shine as the best game engine in the free software ecosystem, and one of the best even against proprietary engines, gathering a lot of interest from the game development industry.

Godot 3 brings state-of-the-art rendering features such as PBR shading (Physically Based Rendering), real-time global illumination, GPU particles and many more. It runs flawlessly on the Web using WebAssembly and WebGL 2.0 (even the editor itself, which is a Godot game!), and also exports to most desktop and mobile platforms (including of course Linux, *BSDs and even Haiku). On the scripting side, Mono/C# is added together with VisualScript and GDNative, an interface to use native code in Godot, paving the way to support languages such as Python, Nim, D, Rust and others. It ships with Bullet as physics engine, and a completely overhauled audio engine with advanced sound engineering effects. And many more features which can't all be listed here, but which the overenthusiastic Godot developers spread all over the FOSDEM campus will gladly tell you about at length!

This lightning talk will give a fast overview of what Godot is and the awesome features packed in its third installment. The presentation "slides" will even be a Godot game themselves, allowing to showcase game examples and special effects directly during the presentation.


Photo of Rémi Verschelde Rémi Verschelde