Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Urban places as nodes of a decentralized Internet

The MAZI toolkit and the platform

The MAZI toolkit,, is a DIY networking toolkit for installing, customizing, and deploying self-hosted applications on a Raspberry Pi as local web server (in a sense, a YunoHost focusing on small-scale community networks and a PirateBox opening up to self-hosted applications) that can help to create a wide variety of local networks effectively and democratically designed and governed by local communities. Such a tool can bring closer together self-hosted software and community networks, making both more accessible to a wider audience. Openki,, is a FLOSS platform for self-organized education that facilitates the creation of collaborative learning groups in the city. In this talk I will explain how these two can be combined to help build a decentralized Internet anchored in urban spaces and facilitate learning and trust building processes that are necessary for privacy, among others.

  • Presentation of the MAZI toolkit, including demo
  • Presentation of, including demo
  • Discussion on how they can be combined toward a more decentralized and privacy respecting Internet

A related high-level talk is available online here:


Photo of Panayotis Antoniadis Panayotis Antoniadis