Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


ONAP – A road to network automation

ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) is an open source software platform that delivers capabilities for the design, creation, orchestration, monitoring, and life cycle management of

  • Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)
  • The carrier-scale Software Defined Networks (SDNs) that contain them
  • Higher-level services that combine the above

ONAP provides for automatic, policy-driven interaction of these functions and services in a dynamic, real-time cloud environment. ONAP is not just a run-time platform; it includes graphical design tools for function/service creation. This talk will introduce ONAP as a whole and walk through a specific use case (vCPE) from design to VNF onboarding and runtime. Eventually, how we can leverage ONAP to enable open/closed loop automation of Virtual Network Functions.


Gervais-Martial Ngueko
Photo of Christophe Closset Christophe Closset