Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


The package bazaars and the cathedrals

Compare and contrast distro and app package and dependency management practices and tools

A distro package environment such as Debian and a language-focused package environment such as npm may seem very similar at first. But underneath, they are very different in their goals, features and approach to create packages and manage dependencies.

Some package management environments are bazaars and some are cathedrals. What does this mean? Join me for a tour of horizon to compare and contrast the goals and ways of key package package management environments: What's their purpose? How we use then and how they are meant to be used? How do they deal with dependencies differently and why? Who creates and uses the packages?

A clear answer to these questions can help to better leverage these package environments, management tools and repositories or registries.


Photo of Philippe Ombredanne Philippe Ombredanne