Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


GStreamer & Rust

Fast, safe and productive multimedia software

GStreamer is a highly versatile, cross-platform, plugin-based multimedia framework that caters to the whole range of multimedia needs. It can be used basically everywhere, from embedded devices like phones, TVs or drones to desktop applications or on huge server farms.

This talk will focus on how and why Rust looks like the perfect programming language for evolving GStreamer and provide a safer but still performant and even more productive development environment than C. Both GStreamer application development in Rust, and GStreamer plugin development will be covered. What is possible today already, for which applications can Rust be perfectly used already and which parts are still missing? How does it feel like to write an application in Rust compared to doing it in C? And how and why would one write GStreamer plugins in Rust to extend the framework and all applications with support for new codecs, filters or anything else?

Afterwards there will be a short outlook into the future of Rust in the GStreamer project itself and for GStreamer application and plugin development.


Sebastian Dröge