Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


How to build and run OCI containers

A shallow dive on the OCI container configuration and an overview of the available tools

In this talk you can expect to learn what OCI containers are, how to build them and why you may want them. The first part will be a brief introduction to OCI containers followed by the motivation behind our use-case at the OpenStack/Magnum project and the Container Service at CERN. How we leverage OCI containers and why we chose them to offer container infrastructure to our users, meaning running kubernetes, etcd, flanneld, OpenStack-specific daemons, CERN-specific tools, the docker daemon and cri-o.

The second part will be a shallow dive on how to run and build OCI containers from scratch and most importantly how to populate the famous config.json file, the heart of the OCI configuration. This part will include examples on how to use docker, runc, rkt, atomic and buildah.


Spyros Trigazis