Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018



LibreOffice Base applications: how to document them, how to manage and analyze impacts of changes

BaseDocumenter will be published (under the GPLV3 license) during the first half of 2018 as an extension/plugin of LibreOffice.

The software scans Base applications (tables, queries, forms, scripts, ...) and collects everything useful to support the application designer and to improve the dialog with the end-user. A special focus is set upon impact analysis, i.e. how to cope with design changes and what-if situations.

SQL and Basic scripts are parsed. An SQL beautifier is also included.

The documentation is made available as a set of static HTML pages. All dependencies between objects ("query X uses table Y", "table Y is used by query X") are made visible by hyperlinks. This makes browsing thru the documentation particularly efficient.


Photo of Jean-Pierre Ledure Jean-Pierre Ledure