Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


The Dynamo After Diffie

Extending Disco-Era Crypto For Ubiquitous Secure Frameworking With Integral Mathematics (with Perl6)

The talk will be a 40 minute walkthrough of a perl6 Diffie-Hellman based example solution for biharmonic equations including references/quotes to a small number of mathematicians, a few concepts surrounding the Reimann conjecture and its fallacy of synchronicity without a grounded base, and then promoting the potential of a perfect solution to the biharmonic equation as satisfying the crux of Arzela's theorem I(Phi(n)) >= I(U) with a ubiquitous potential data structure (Phi).

The code in question is currently in use in the Nuclear Industry in FORTRAN, C/#/++ & Python, I'm retailoring the talk with students & my takeaway goal is to get a feel on how extension into a rapid development framework might be received in the community. The talk will be very flexible and there will absolutely be an option of not going very deep at all into the maths if the reception is not there.


James Ellis Osborne III