Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Making the Ada_Drivers_Library: Embedded Programming with Ada

The Ada programming language was designed for embedded programming and it is well known in the aerospace domains and in general every domain where failure is not an option. Unfortunately it is not used a lot in the embedded FOSS community.

In the past two years, AdaCore worked to promote the use of Ada in the FOSS community, in particular for embedded programming with the "Make with Ada" blog post series, my "Programming is Too Difficult for Humans" interview for the podcase, "Ada Driver Library" blog posts on "ARM Community", or the "Make with Ada" embedded software project competition.

In this 45 minutes lecture I will:

give a short introduction of Ada for embedded and how its features (programing by contract, strong typing, representation clauses (hardware mapping), OOP, static compiler checks and optional run-time checks) can help improving the development time, maintenance and quality of FOSS embedded projects;

present the AdaDriversLibrary project, where we put all those features in practice to develop micro-controller device drivers in Ada;

make a quick getting started demo;

present some of the best projects from the "Make with Ada" competition.


Fabien Chouteau