Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018



An open source microcontroller with retro instruction sets

Presentation about a micro-controller with the proper instruction set for the retro enthusiast and a pilot project to testing the grounds for an open silicon movement.

The Retro-uC is an fully open source microcontroller. It uses CPU cores that are battle tested in FPGA re-implementations of vintage computer systems. It implements the MOS6502 instruction set of Commodore 64 fame, the Z80 one of the ZX Spectrum and the Motorola 68000 of Amiga and Atari ST fame. For development, implementations running on FPGA boards are available and are available for interested retro people to use for their own development or as microcontroller. The final goal of the Retro-uC porject is to produce an ASIC by a crowdfunding campaign.

After giving an overview of the features and choices made like the memory map the author would like to get freedback from this talk on the compatibility of low volume chip production and retrocomputing.

This presentation will only very briefly discuss the implementation of the chip itself; that will be discussed more in depth in a presentation in the CAD and Open Hardware devroom.


Photo of Staf Verhaegen Staf Verhaegen