Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Qt in Automotive

What does the Qt Automotive Suite do?

The Qt Automotive Suite solves a number of automotive problems, but these are not unique to our industry. We have a look at how to measure and understand start-up timing and performance, how to use the Qt Application Manager Wayland compositor, how to generate platform APIs and more. We also take a quick look at the tools provided, e.g. QMLLive for rapid prototyping and GammaRay for deep introspection.

The Qt Automotive Suite is built on top of the general Qt framework and takes Qt from an app creation framework to a platform creation framework. It consists of both tools and libraries.

We see that the QMLLive tool is enjoying usage outside the automotive space and hope that the other components will find users outside of the industry as well. Come here to learn what we do and why.


Photo of Johan Thelin Johan Thelin