Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Integrating cloud and container projects in the OPNFV community: Cross Community CI

In this talk we will explain about the OPNFV community, and how it interacts with other communities, such as Kubernetes or OpenStack, to offer a platform for cross-project CI.

This talk will explain the tight relationship between the OpenStack and OPNFV communities, using as a base the Cross Community CI project, and the benefits that both communities get from it.

Initially the OPNFV CI was based on the consumption of stable artifacts, including stable versions of OpenStack. Developers were not able to work with master versions, causing lack of testing and delay on delivering projects.

Cross Community CI project (XCI) enabled testing based on master versions of the different upstream components (OpenStack , OpenDaylight...). This caused to significantly cut the time of development and identify bugs earlier.

In this talk we will introduce that concept, and we will also explain the tooling used to achieve it (bifrost, openstack-ansible, ansible-opendaylight), showing how a deployment goes from end to end, how to reuse this project for your own needs, and how to start integrating your own project into XCI if that fits into the scope.


Fatih Degirmenci
Yolanda Robla Mota