Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


AMENDMENT DWARF Pieces And Other DWARF Location Woes

Some issues with the handling of DWARF locations, particularly DWARF pieces, will be outlined. Some of GDB's bugs in this area, both fixed and open ones, will be discussed. The talk mainly addresses developers of DWARF consumers such as GDB.

Please note that this talk replaces one entitled "Introduction to kmemleak" that was due to have been given by Thierry Escande, who has sent his apologies but is now unable to attend.

  • Outline / goals:

    • explain subtleties with DWARF pieces;

    • outline GDB's DWARF piece handling issues, both fixed and open;

    • touch on some other DWARF location issues;

    • discuss thoughts on how to fix the remaining GDB issues.


Andreas Arnez