Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Christophe Massiot

Photo of Christophe Massiot

Christophe Massiot is the author or a major contributor of many media-related open source projects - VLC, DVBlast, multicat, biTStream, and more recently Upipe. He also has professional expertise in TV broadcasting and IPTV, ran the IPTV head-end of a major network operator, and co-founded OpenHeadend, a manufacturer of broadcast equipments.

Christophe Massiot was one of the founders of the VLC media player project - in 1998. He is also the main author of the OSS projects DVBlast, multicat and biTStream, hosted by the VideoLAN organization. For almost ten years Christophe has been designing, implementing and maintaining the television head-end of a major French network operator with more than 300 channels. He recently co-founded OpenHeadend, a provider of head-end solutions, and started the open-source project Upipe, a flexible dataflow framework.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Upipe developers meeting Sunday H.3227 BOFs (Track A - in H.3227) 12:00 13:00