Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Icon Themes

Reusable icon variables and mappings for customizable user interfaces

Software platforms need to be highly extensible and customizable, since developers need to build on top of them and provide the best experience for users. Some users put more focus on the styling and visual aspect of their customization, others need it to be highly accessible or responsive, while others just like to have diversity in their choices.

Being able to provide multiple icon sets inside a platform is still a difficult task because of the variety of ways icons can be provided: as images, as font sets, as SVG, etc. I will present a solution for creating and using icon themes, also mentioning the limitations and the difficulties we had in implementing such a solution on our platform. Several icon libraries will be compared, showcasing the reasons, decisions and the compatibility and mapping issues we faced during the process.


Photo of Ecaterina Moraru Ecaterina Moraru