Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Andrew Savchenko (bircoph)

I work as a lead software engineer for Basealt Free Software company at Moscow. I'm dedicated for a free software as a Linux user for about 16 years and contribute to various free software projects for 14 years. I am a Gentoo developer since 2014.

Among my interests are: security and cryptography, hpc, distributed file systems, data mining, multimedia processing. I have a MS degree in high energy physics.

I have some experience talking: on FOSDEM and LinuxDays (at Prague) last year, other talks are in Russia (Ossdevconf and others) and Belarus (LVEE).


Title Day Room Track Start End
The Invisible Internet Project
An overview and guide to the technology
Sunday H.1301 (Cornil) Decentralised Internet and Privacy 14:00 14:25