Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Contract-based Programming: a Route to Finding Bugs Earlier

Contract-based programming is a software development technique, where you include assertions of program properties as a part of the compiled source text. In the strict form, the assertions are checked at compile-time, but in this presentation I will focus on the more common, less strict, form, where at least some of the assertions aren't checked until run-time. Ada gives us a lot of help, so we can write the our assertions about the program properties once, and then have the compiler insert actual run-time checks wherever there is a possibility that the assertion is violated.

This presentation will focus on how we can write these contracts in Ada in a way that make them effective at ensuring that our source text does what we intend it to and allow the compiler to generate efficient checks of the assertions. The intended audience is anybody with enough programming experience to know concepts like types, encapsulation and packages. Having tried to write Ada before will be a benefit, but it isn't a requirement.


Photo of Jacob Sparre Andersen Jacob Sparre Andersen