Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Connecting the Edge

Project Flogo as Ultra-lightweight IoT Apps framework

There are few things in today’s technology landscape that promise to be more transformational than the emergence of an estimated 20 billion IoT edge devices by 2020.One of the well understood impacts of the edge as it emerges is that it will unleash a data tsunami. The evidence is already out there—a connected car can produce up to 5 terabytes of data hourly, an oil and gas drilling rig can produce 7 to 8 terabytes of data daily. Waiting for all of this data to be sent to the cloud and acted upon won’t cut it for many applications in industrial or consumer domains. Even for edge analytical applications, conventional big data architectures that involve forwarding everything to the cloud to be stored and analysed doesn’t make sense—what you likely need are Machine Learning and streaming analytics capabilities at the edge.

Project Flogo is an 100% open source light weight engine which enables developers in building the broadest open IoT community. Project Flogo functions as one the first design bots for IoT edge application development, with a tile-based, zero-code environment for building and deploying integration and data processing directly onto connected devices. Its design bot and Web-based UI bring the best of TIBCO’s design environments to the IoT, with prepackaged building blocks for building applications, integration, data processing, and microservices, as well as error handling, including the first-ever auto-stepback debugger. Project Flogo brings this power to many of the smallest connected devices, with an average installed footprint that is up to 20 times lighter than Node.js and 50 times lighter than Java.


Photo of Anshul Sharma Anshul Sharma