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09:00 Introduction to the decentralized internet part Installing software for scientists on a multi-user HPC system Build your own Skype... in the browser Introduction to Swift Object Storage Why you should take a look at Rust? Intro to the SDR Devroom Zonemaster Intro Geospatial devroom Managing build infrastructure of a Debian derivative Introduction to LLVM Next Generation Config Mgmt: Reactive Systems Welcome to the Legal and Policy Issues devroom Automating style guide documentation Welcome Black Blocks: Kubernetes, meet OpenStack Cinder Mozilla TechSpeakers CFP-help
  Join the FREEWAT family Capture the GDPR with Identity management
  The MySQL Ecosystem - understanding it, not running away from it! The State of Containers in Scientific Computing
09:15 Can we measure the (de)centralisedness of the Internet with RIPE Atlas? Recapping DARPA's First Big Hackfest
  Writing a Janus plugin in Lua Repairing DNS at TLD scale DocBook Documentation at SUSE
09:30 Get your decentralized project some EU funding Binary packaging for HPC with Spack Idiomatic Rust IoT DevRoom Opening Bicycle-sharing stations: profiling and availability prediction GRUB upstream and distros cooperation Welcome & Chatting Programming UEFI for dummies Artificial intelligence dealing with the right to be forgotten LPI Exam Session 3
  Welcome to the Perl devroom Automated Linux Containers deployment for fun and profit.
  Beyond WHERE and GROUP BY How Carton, Docker, and CircleCI Saved my Sanity
09:45 XMPP as the road to innovation Gluster-4.0 and GD2 (Yet another) passive RADAR using DVB-T receiver and SDR. Dragonflow - An open network services ecosystem
  BIND 9 Past, Present, and Future Turning On the Lights with Home Assistant and MQTT
10:00 Sancus 2.0: Open-Source Trusted Computing for the IoT Cyborg Teams Let's Fix The Internet Urban places as nodes of a decentralized Internet Tying software deployment to scientific workflows Rust memory management Pronto Raster: A C++ library for Map Algebra Distributions are not democracies CANCELLED Usability made simple Rustarm AKA A project looking at Rust for Embedded Systems Provisioning vs Configuration Management Deployment vs Orchestration Understanding 26 U.S.C. § 501, and Organizational Governance Introduction to web development in C++ with Wt 4 Test your API docs! You want a Clean Desktop OS? Containerize it
  MySQL 8.0 Performance: InnoDB Re-Design Kamailio - Pick Your SIP Routing Scripting Language
10:15 In the SpOOTlight: gr-radar Blame (and) DNS: debugging tutorial
  Regular Expression Derivatives in Python 4 Perl web services I wrote and that you may like
  Accessing your Mbed device from anywhere using Pagekite Docs like code in Drupal
10:30 The Generic Data Distribution System of the Retroshare Network Combining CVMFS, Nix, Lmod, and EasyBuild at Compute Canada LizardFS - a year in development GDAL Tips and Tricks A crash course on remote, moderated usability testing Mainline Linux on Motorola Droid 4 Researchers and Software Licenses How to build autonomous robot for less than 2K€ Making Linux Security Modules available to Containers Live Block Device Operations in QEMU
  Asterisk Project: Do I see video in the future? Introducing gtk-rs Connecting LLVM with a WCET tool
  Adding performance counters to htop MySQL 8.0 Roles
10:45 Efficient implementation of a spectrum scanner on a software-defined radio platform
  Living on the Edge
  Speech-to-Text in Jitsi Meet
11:00 Using TPM 2.0 As a Secure Keystore on your Laptop Running Android on the Mainline Graphics Stack Emitter: Scalable, fast and secure pub/sub in Go Ring as a free universal distributed communication platform. Behind the scenes of a FOSS-powered HPC cluster at UCLouvain GStreamer & Rust GRASS GIS in the sky Developing Enterprise and Community distributions at the same time, impossible ? So we have free web fonts; now what? ... like real computers! Perl in the Physics Lab A decade of config surgery with Augeas Comparative Law of Licenses and Contracts in the US, UK and EU Drive your NAND within Linux A lion, a head, and a dash of YAML
  Home automation - Not as simple as you think How to build and run OCI containers
  Histogram support in MySQL 8.0
11:15 webPh.one - connect community cellular networks using WebRTC and PWA Geographically distributed Swift clusters An optimized GFDM software implementation for low-latency DNSSEC for higher performace Kubernetes load balancing for virtual machines (Pods)
  Linux Test Project introduction Compiler-assisted Security Enhancement
11:30 Building Decentralised Communities with Matrix How DeepLearning can help to improve geospatial DataQuality , an OSM use case. Introducing rust-av GeoPandas: easy, fast and scalable geospatial analysis in Python Self-host your visual assets with Free Software Booting it successfully for the first time with mainline Cockpit: A Linux Sysadmin Session in your Browser Advocating For FOSS Inside Companies State of the rkt container runtime and its Kubernetes integration
  Melting the Snow Mallard, Pintail, and other duck topics
  LizardFS and OpenNebula, a petabyte cloud the simple way Let's talk database optimizers Kids and Schools and Instant Messaging Testing for testing
11:45 DLR-CAFE: CUDA Filterbank Updates Mirai and Computer Vision
  Turning physical systems into containers
12:00 Data integrity protection with cryptsetup tools Re-structuring a giant, ancient code-base for new platforms GrimoireLab: free software for software development analytics The emPeerTube strikes back Modules v4 Container Attached Storage (CAS) with OpenEBS Portable graphics abstraction in Rust Upipe developers meeting Open source Big Geospatial Data analytics Introducing BuildStream Our Open Source Design collective AMENDMENT LinuxBoot: Linux as Firmware Terraform is maturing A Usability Survey of Free Software Licenses LibreOffice Exam Session 1 O’PAVES: An open platform for autonomous vehicle tinkerers Device Assignment for VMs in Kubernetes
  OpenDHT: make your project distributed DNS privacy, where are we? CANCELLED Efficient use of memory by reducing size of AST dumps in cross file analysis by clang static analyzer Finding a home for docs
  Scale Out and Conquer: Architectural Decisions Behind Distributed In-Memory Systems TLS for MySQL at large scale File access-control per container with Landlock
12:15 Physics, Math, and SDR
  Perceval: Software Project Data at Your Will The Magnificent Modular Mahout Perl in Computer Music
  The IoT botnet wars, Linux devices, and the absence of basic security hardening
12:30 Contributopia Tools for large-scale collection and analysis of source code repositories Open communication in WebVR with Matrix! Rusty robots Spatial Support in MySQL 8.0 Improving GitLab's Navigation and Design System What's new with FPGA manager Breaking with conventional Configuration File Editing Outsourcing Source Code Distribution Requirements Rapid SPI Device Driver Development over USB
  Are distributions still relevant? Slurm in Action: Batch Processing for the 21st Century MySQL InnoDB Cluster DNS-based discovery for OpenID Connect Babelfish: a universal code parser for source code analysis
12:45 Debugging A Live Gluster File System Using .meta Directory Stupid Pluto Tricks Automate oVirt Disaster Recovery Solution With Ansible
  LLVM, Rust, and Debugging
  Scaling messaging systems Introduction to LXD clustering
13:00 Inside Monero OpenADx – xcelerate your Automated Driving development FreeBSD : pkg provides Peeling onions: understanding and using the Tor network The Julia programming language TiKV - building a distributed key-value store with Rust Distance computation in Boost.Geometry Flatpak and your distribution Cultural interpretations of Design and Openness Linux as an SPI Slave Template toolkit translations Painless Puppet Providers Too young to rock'n'roll (and to contribute) Implementing state-of-the-art U-Boot port, 2018 edition
  A Guided Tour of Eclipse IoT: 3 Software Stacks for IoT
  AMENDMENT Why We’re excited about MySQL 8 Migrating code with SmaCC
13:15 Ceph management with openATTIC The GNU Radio runtime
  Wrap it Up! Packaging from Pots to Software aiosip: the efficient swiss-army knife of SIP Welcome to the Retrocomputing DevRoom Releasing to CPAN and GitHub containerd 1.0 Project Update
13:30 Anonymous Whistleblowing with SecureDrop Does data security rule out high performance? Qt GUIs with Rust DOSEMU and FreeDOS: past, present and future Building Rock Climbing Maps with OpenStreetMap Unix? Windows? Gentoo! Ecosystems of Professional Libre Graphics Use Cumin: Flexible and Reliable Automation for the Fleet Harmonize or Resist? LibreOffice Exam Session 2 Vectors Meet Virtualization
  Heterogeneous Computing with D
  Vis Editor: Combining modal editing with structural regular expressions MySQL Test Framework for Support and Bugs Work Gnuk Token and GnuPG scdaemon AMENDMENT Presenting the Sympa Mailing List Manager and the new Sympatic CPAN module Moldable analysis with Moose
13:45 Building a WebRTC gateway C++ Code Generation with GRC Tizen:RT LTTng: The road to container awareness
14:00 Security Theatre Why I forked my own project and my own company Viva, the NoSQL Postgres ! The Invisible Internet Project CrateDB: A Search Engine or a Database? Both! Developing applications with Swift as Storage System Writing Node.js Modules in Rust Blockchain developers meet&greet Building OSM based web app from scratch Icon Themes Improving Linux Laptop Battery Life Highly Available Foreman People can't care when they don't know Image capture on embedded linux systems GPG Keysigning Mozilla TechSpeakers CFP-help
  Developing software on ORIC microcomputers
  AMENDMENT ProxySQL - GTID Consistent Reads Whisper and Swarm Protocol for RTC Langkit: source code analyzers for the masses Kubernetes Security Best Practices
14:15 LoRa Reverse Engineering and AES EM Side-Channel Attacks using SDR Finding your way through the QEMU parameter jungle
  AMENDMENT Designing a Libre Embedded / Mobile RISCV64 SoC LLVM @RaincodeLabs The Dynamo After Diffie
  FOSS Platform for Cloud Based IoT Solutions
14:30 Encrypted communication for mere mortals Scaling Deep Learning to hundreds of GPUs on HopsHadoop Demystifying Rust parsing Privacy aware city navigation with CityZen app Distributing OS Images with casync Interface Animation from the Future Adding support for a mouse in libratbag Public money, public code, the Italian way
  The RTP bleed and what can we do?
  NoSQL Means No Security? Turbocharging MySQL with Vitess Retro-uC Finding inter-procedural bugs at scale with Infer static analyzer Forwarding system calls to userspace
14:45 Ceph & ELK
15:00 SatNOGS: Crowd-sourced satellite operations Sustainability of Open Source in International Development Your Build in a Datacenter Improving the SecureDrop system architecture AI on Microcontrollers Real Time Clustering with OpenSIPS rustfix Intro to Open Source Radio Telescopes Every subway network in the world The case against "It just works" or how to avoid #idiocracy Thunderbolt 3 and Linux AMENDMENT Perl 6 on Jupyter Network Automation Journey What's the difference between all those open data licenses? LibreOffice Exam Session 3 ARM64 + FPGA and more: Linux on the Xilinx ZynqMP diskimage-builder: Building Linux Images for Cloud / Virtualization / Container
  IoT.js - A JavaScript platform for the Internet of Things How to cross-compile with LLVM based tools Tree-sitter Exploring container image distribution with casync
  Orchestrator on Raft: internals, benefits and considerations
15:15 CephFS Gateways NetBSD - A modern operating system for your retro battlestation
  Enroll 2FA to thousands of users with privacyIDEA HOMER 7 Open Source BIOS at Scale
15:30 Measuring security and privacy on the Web Productionizing Spark ML Pipelines with the Portable Format for Analytics Reaching const evaluation singularity Free your Weather Station! Rendering map data with Mapnik and Python The Open Decision Framework The Future of Copyleft: Data and Theory Parsing Posix [S]hell Optimized container live-migration
  The future of Sympa MyRocks roadmaps and production deployment at Facebook Using CGRateS as online Diameter/Radius AAA Server Automating Secure Boot testing Software necromancy with Perl
15:45 CANCELLED The dark side of Internet of things Openstack compliance with GDPR
  Game development for the ColecoVision and Sega 8-bit systems Easy::jit: just-in-time compilation for C++
  JavaParser: where should we head? Everything you need to know about containers security
16:00 The story of UPSat AMENDMENT Community & Business Static Infrastructure Status with Jekyll and GitHub Pages CryptPad Accelerating Big Data Outside of the JVM SIP based group chat with Linphone How to backup Ceph at scale Rust - embedding WebAssembly for scripting Claim Space, the Libre Way, using SDRs Efficient and interactive 3D point cloud processing Literate Programming meets LLVM Passes Teleport: Local filesharing app Using KVM to sandbox firmwares from the Linux Kernel Zero Downtime Deployment with Ansible Gutenberg to Google Fonts: the sordid history of typeface licensing issues New GPIO interface for linux user space
  ProxySQL's internal: implementation details to handle millions of connections and thousands of servers DragonFFI
  Snabb - A toolkit for user-space networking A unique processor architecture meeting LLVM IR and the IoT Recycle Parsers With Grammar::Common in Perl 6 Graph-based analysis of JavaScript repositories
  Fundraising and Crowdfunding for FreeRTC ZX Spectrum in the New Millenium OSS-7: an opensource DASH7 stack Containing container memory
16:30 AMENDMENT So you think you can validate email addresses Servers can't be trusted, and thanks to tamper-proof journals EteSync doesn't need to! Nexmark A unified benchmarking suite for data-intensive systems with Apache Beam Testing in Rust BYOR: Bring-your-own-radio hacking session AMENDMENT Mapping FOSDEM for accessibility The half rolling repository model Pitch your project Crowdsupply EOMA68 Progress Report Organizer's Panel
  MySQL Point-in-time recovery like a rockstar!
  FOSDEM Infrastructure Review
16:45 Reasons to mitigate from NFSV3 to NFSV4/4.1 DIY Java Static Analysis
17:00 Exploiting modern microarchitectures
  Closing FOSDEM 2018