Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Calc: The challenges of scalable arithmetic

how threading can be challenging

We had a number of interesting problems threading the Calc computation core, come and see how we addressed many of them and checkout the result.

Come and hear the story of how we threaded the Calc core to get some great efficiency wins on the new deeply threaded Ryzen era. Hear about the rather complicated Calc-ulation core, and see how we used tool to profile and optimize from cachegrind, oprofile, perf and many others. Discover some of the challenges of spreadsheets, why it's perhaps not quite as simple as you might hope, see how we tried to make this maintainable and test-able.

Checkout the feeds and speeds, and help advise us on how we

can improve concurrency and scalability for your particular use-case and how you can involved contributing to Calc.


Photo of Michael Meeks Michael Meeks