Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Matthew Hodgson

Photo of Matthew Hodgson

Matthew Hodgson is technical co-founder of an early-stage not-for-profit organisation focused on solving the problem of fragmentation in current VoIP and IP Messaging applications. By defining a new lightweight pragmatic open standard for federation and interoperability and releasing opensource reference implementations, Matrix hopes to create a new ecosystem that makes real-time-communication as universal and interoperable as email. He has a degree in Computer Science and Physics from the University of Cambridge.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Building Decentralised Communities with Matrix
Introducing Matrix Communities (and more!) as a decentralised alternative to Slack Teams or Discord Servers
Sunday H.1301 (Cornil) Decentralised Internet and Privacy 11:30 12:00
Open communication in WebVR with Matrix!
Where meets The Matrix...
Sunday H.1309 (Van Rijn) Real Time Communications 12:30 12:50