Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Dragonflow - An open network services ecosystem

Managing cloud networking using SDN gives cloud providers unprecedented control over their network. With a wave of their hand, bits can flow in any way, form, and manner. We’d like to leverage this newfound magic to support a multitude of new services.

Enter Dragonflow. Dragonflow is a fully distributed SDN controller, responsible for first-to-market features such as distributed SNAT and distributed DHCP.  It is completely open-source and is an official Openstack project. It supports many networking services such as L2, routing, DHCP, security groups, and trunk ports. Additionally, it supports container networking through strong collaboration with the Kuryr project.  One of Dragonflow’s strongest points is that it’s extensible. Plugging in new services and getting them to work together is incredibly easy.

In this talk we will discuss Dragonflow as an open platform for network applications, and the ecosystem of these services.


Dima Kuznetsov