Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Kernel Graphics Development on Remote Machines

Accessing machines remotely with Open Source tools

Availability of bleeding-edge and prototype hardware is always scarce. Local access to hardware is not always convenient to arrange when multiple members of a team are working on the issue across country and timezone borders. It would also be inefficient to allow much sought after hardware to idle when one team is not actively using it out of office hours for example, as traditionally happens when hardware is shipped. The author, who is currently working as one of the maintainers the Intel graphics i915 Linux kernel driver, has sought for an efficient solution when working as a home based employee for multiple companies. Some off-the-shelf solutions exist, but they're far off in the price range to be suitable for an average Open Source contributor. This talk will walk you through the gotchas in setting up an environment for your project and a demo of one system can be presented optionally.


Photo of Joonas Lahtinen Joonas Lahtinen