Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


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Keynotes (7)

Welcome to FOSDEM 2019 FOSDEM Staff Janson Saturday 09:30 09:55 webm mp4
Can Anyone Live in Full Software Freedom Today?
Confessions of Activists Who Try But Fail to Avoid Proprietary Software
Bradley M. Kuhn, Karen Sandler Janson Saturday 10:00 10:50 webm mp4
FLOSS, the Internet and the Future Mitchell Baker Janson Saturday 11:00 11:50 webm mp4
Blockchain: The Ethical Considerations Deb Nicholson Janson Saturday 12:00 12:50 webm mp4
The Cloud is Just Another Sun Kyle Rankin Janson Sunday 16:00 16:50 webm mp4
2019 - Fifty years of Unix and Linux advances Jon 'maddog' Hall Janson Sunday 17:00 17:50 webm mp4
Closing FOSDEM 2019 FOSDEM Staff Janson Sunday 17:55 18:00 webm mp4

Lightning Talks (42)

Creating a Computing Revolution: from Personal Computers to Personal Servers Danny Haidar H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 12:00 12:15 webm mp4
Privacy starts with Identity
Mark Spanbroek, Marcin Czenko, Stefan van den Oord H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 12:20 12:35 webm mp4
Emitter: Scalable, fast and secure pub/sub in Go Florimond Husquinet H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 12:40 12:55 webm mp4
Leela Chess Zero
Learning chess from scratch
Folkert Huizinga H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 13:00 13:15 webm mp4
MALT, A Malloc Tracker Sébastien Valat H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 13:20 13:35 webm mp4
Structured Concurrency
Finding our way out of callback hell
Martin Sustrik H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 13:40 13:55 webm mp4
VBoard, making web dashboards in 3D and VR David Moreno H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 14:00 14:15 webm mp4
MicroPython – Python for Microcontrollers
How high-level scripting languages make your hardware project beautifuly easy
Christine Spindler H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 14:20 14:35 webm mp4
A brief story about friendship
What we learned from cross-community collaboration
Stephan Luckow H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 14:40 14:55 webm mp4
My 10 year journey with FOSSASIA: A woman's pathway to open source Hong Phuc Dang H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 15:00 15:15 webm mp4
Autocrypt - Automating E-Mail Encryption
What E-Mail can learn from the success of end-to-end encrypted messengers
Vincent Breitmoser H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 15:20 15:35 webm mp4
IMAP, JMAP and the future of open email standards
a look at what's new in the IMAP world and the upcoming JMAP standard
Bron Gondwana H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 15:40 15:55 webm mp4
Eventyay! An event system for community organizers Mario Behling H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 16:00 16:15 webm mp4
Open Software deserves Open Hardware
How Europe is taking the lead in Open Hardware
Steve Helvie H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 16:20 16:35 webm mp4
The Skulls project - coreboot your Laptop
The easy way
Martin Kepplinger H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 16:40 16:55 webm mp4
bmclib: A Baseboard Management Controller library
One library to rule them all?
Joel Rebello, Juliano Martinez H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 17:00 17:15 webm mp4
Maemo Leste
A Debian/Devuan based mobile hacker OS
Merlijn B. W. Wajer H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 17:20 17:35 webm mp4
Running Android on the Raspberry Pi
Android Pie meets Raspberry Pi
Chris Simmonds H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 17:40 17:55 webm mp4
10 years of open source test case management
with Kiwi TCMS
Alexander Todorov H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 18:00 18:15 webm mp4
Cloud Native Security 101 Michael Hausenblas H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 18:20 18:35 webm mp4
AMENDMENT The brief case for User-space Network Stacks (DPDK and friends)
The case for DPDK, VPP, Snabb, F-Stack and friends.
Ray Kinsella H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 18:40 18:55 webm mp4
Squeezing Water from Stone - KornShell in 2019 Siteshwar Vashisht H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 10:00 10:15 webm mp4
Environment Modules
Provides dynamic modification of a user's environment
Xavier Delaruelle H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 10:20 10:35 webm mp4
Console oriented services:,, Igor Chubin H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 10:40 10:55 webm mp4
Nuspell: the new spell checker
FOSS spell checker implemented in C++14 with aid of Mozilla
Sander van Geloven H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 11:00 11:15 webm mp4
Metaprogramming with Nim Peter Munch-Ellingsen H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 11:20 11:35 webm mp4
Open Food Network
open source for worldwide food systems
Pau Pérez H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 11:40 11:55 webm mp4
Open-sourcing sheet music
Peter Jonas H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 12:00 12:15 webm mp4
0 A.D., a libre real-time strategy game
"History is yours for the taking!"
Nicolas Auvray H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 12:20 12:35 webm mp4
Debian Java: Insights and challenges
learn more about the daily work to package Java software for Debian
Markus Koschany H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 12:40 12:55 webm mp4
Automating Client Library Generation
How and Why
Avital Tzubeli H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 13:00 13:15 webm mp4
Introducing DBus-ASIO
How and why we built a new D-Bus library from the ground up
Steven Goodwin H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 13:20 13:35 webm mp4
Neuropil - Secure Interaction for Things
Elevating Security for IoT with the First Decentralized Opensource Solution
Stephan Schwichtenberg H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 13:40 13:55 webm mp4
AMENDMENT Theo: The Authorized Keys Manager
How to manage easily and securely ssh accesses to your servers
Michele Azzolari H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 14:00 14:15 webm mp4
TRex open source traffic generator
Hanoch Haim H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 14:20 14:35 webm mp4
Next Generation Internet initiative - Year Zero
Come work for the internet on privacy, trust, search & discovery
Michiel Leenaars H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 14:40 14:55 webm mp4
Add enterprise 2FA to your ownCloud in 15 minutes Cornelius Kölbel H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 15:00 15:15 webm mp4
LemonLDAP::NG 2.0 Clément Oudot H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 15:20 15:35 webm mp4
Monica, a personal CRM
Remember everything about your friends and family
Alexis Saettler H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 15:40 15:55 webm mp4
Good Will Snapping
~10 benefits of publishing your application in the Snap Store
Alan Pope H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 16:00 16:15 webm mp4
LAVA federated testing
Testing with and by the community
Rémi Duraffort H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 16:20 16:35 webm mp4
FOSDEM infrastructure review Richard Hartmann H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 16:40 16:55 webm mp4

Certification (6)

LPI Exam Session 1 UB4.132 Saturday 13:00 15:00
LPI Exam Session 2 UB4.132 Saturday 15:30 17:30
LPI Exam Session 3 UB4.132 Sunday 09:30 11:30
LibreOffice Exam Session 1 UB4.132 Sunday 12:00 13:00
LibreOffice Exam Session 2 UB4.132 Sunday 13:30 14:30
LibreOffice Exam Session 3 UB4.132 Sunday 15:00 16:00

Communications (4)

Mattermost’s Approach to Layered Extensibility in Open Source Corey Hulen Janson Saturday 13:00 13:50 webm mp4
Matrix in the French State
What happens when a government adopts open source & open standards for all its internal communication?
Matthew Hodgson Janson Saturday 14:00 14:50 webm mp4
DNS over HTTPS - the good, the bad and the ugly
Why, how, when and who gets to control how names are resolved
Daniel Stenberg Janson Saturday 15:00 15:50 webm mp4
Netflix and FreeBSD
Using Open Source to Deliver Streaming Video
Jonathan Looney Janson Saturday 16:00 16:50 webm mp4

Databases (4)

PostgreSQL Goes to 11! Joe Conway K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 15:00 15:50 webm mp4
Hugepages and databases
working with abundant memory in modern servers
Fernando Laudares K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 16:00 16:50 webm mp4
PostgreSQL vs. fsync
How is it possible that PostgreSQL used fsync incorrectly for 20 years, and what we'll do about it.
Tomas Vondra K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 17:00 17:50 webm mp4
Raft in Scylla
Consensus in an eventually consistent database
Duarte Nunes K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 18:00 18:50 webm mp4

Hardware (4)

The TPM2 software community
Getting started as a user, becoming a contributor
Philip Tricca, Andreas Fuchs Janson Saturday 17:00 17:50 webm mp4
Mender - an open source OTA software update manager for IoT Drew Moseley Janson Saturday 18:00 18:50 webm mp4
Tesla Hacking to FreedomEV!
Bringing Freedom to electric vehicle software
Jasper Nuyens K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 10:00 10:50 webm mp4
Go on Microcontrollers: Small Is Going Big
TinyGo takes the Go programming language to the "final frontier" where we could not go before... running directly on microcontrollers.
Ron Evans K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 11:00 11:50 webm mp4

Miscellaneous (6)

AMENDMENT Handling Security Flaws in an Open Source Project - Jeremy Allison K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 13:00 13:50 webm mp4
Love What You Do, Everyday! Zaheda Bhorat K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 09:00 09:50 webm mp4
Crostini: A Linux Desktop on ChromeOS Guido Trotter, Dylan Reid Janson Sunday 14:00 14:50 webm mp4
Making the next blockbuster game with FOSS tools
Using Free Software tools to achieve high quality game visuals.
Juan Linietsky K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 15:00 15:50 webm mp4
Open Source C#, .NET, and Blazor - everywhere PLUS WebAssembly Scott Hanselman Janson Sunday 15:00 15:50 webm mp4
SUSI.AI: An Open Source Platform for Conversational Web Hong Phuc Dang K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 16:00 16:50 webm mp4

Online Privacy (5)

SSPL, Confluent License, CockroachDB License and the Commons Clause
Is it freedom to choose to be less free?
Michael Cheng Janson Sunday 09:00 09:50 webm mp4
Solid: taking back the Web through decentralization
App development as we know it will radically change
Ruben Verborgh Janson Sunday 10:00 10:50 webm mp4
The Current and Future Tor Project
Updates from the Tor Project
Roger Dingledine Janson Sunday 11:00 11:50 webm mp4
Algorithmic Sovereignty and the state of community-driven open source development
Is there a radical interface pedagogy for algorithmic governementality?
Denis Roio (Jaromil) Janson Sunday 12:00 12:50 webm mp4
Open Source at DuckDuckGo
Raising the Standard of Trust Online
Chris Brind Janson Sunday 13:00 13:50 webm mp4

Performance (3)

Fine-grained Distributed Application Monitoring Using LTTng Jeremie Galarneau K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 12:00 12:50 webm mp4
eBPF powered Distributed Kubernetes performance analysis Lorenzo Fontana K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 13:00 13:50 webm mp4
Perl 11
The Future of Saint Larry's Language
Will the Chill Braswell K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Sunday 14:00 14:50 webm mp4

Storage (4)

Better loop mounts with NBD
Take your loop mounts to the next level with nbdkit
Richard Jones K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 11:00 11:50 webm mp4
ELI5: ZFS Caching
Explain Like I'm 5: How the ZFS Adaptive Replacement Cache works
Allan Jude K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 12:00 12:50 webm mp4
Square Kilometre Array and its Software Defined Supercomputer
... and a very fast parallel file system
John Garbutt K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 14:00 14:50 webm mp4
AMENDMENT Data services in a hybrid cloud world with Ceph
Making data as portable as your stateless microservices
Sage Weil H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 09:00 09:50 webm mp4

Ada devroom (15)

Welcome to the Ada DevRoom Dirk Craeynest AW1.125 Saturday 10:30 10:35 webm mp4
An Introduction to Ada for Beginning and Experienced Programmers Jean-Pierre Rosen AW1.125 Saturday 10:35 11:20 webm mp4
Sequential Programming in Ada: Lessons Learned Joakim Strandberg AW1.125 Saturday 11:30 11:50 webm mp4
Autonomous Train Control Systems: a First Approach Julia Teissl AW1.125 Saturday 12:00 12:50 webm mp4
Controlling the Execution of Parallel Algorithms in Ada Jan Verschelde AW1.125 Saturday 13:00 13:20 webm mp4
Persistence with Ada Database Objects Stephane Carrez AW1.125 Saturday 13:30 13:50 webm mp4
Shrink your Data to (almost) Nothing with Trained Compression Gautier de Montmollin AW1.125 Saturday 14:00 14:50 webm mp4
GSH: an Ada POSIX Shell to Speed Up GNU Builds on Windows Nicolas Roche AW1.125 Saturday 15:00 15:20 webm mp4
What is Safety-Critical Software, and How Can Ada and SPARK Help? Jean-Pierre Rosen AW1.125 Saturday 15:30 15:50 webm mp4
Secure Web Applications with AWA Stephane Carrez AW1.125 Saturday 16:00 16:50 webm mp4
Distributed Computing with Ada and CORBA using PolyORB Frédéric Praca AW1.125 Saturday 17:00 17:20 webm mp4
Cappulada: Smooth Ada Bindings for C++ Johannes Kliemann AW1.125 Saturday 17:30 17:50 webm mp4
The AZip Archive Manager: a full-Ada Open-Source Portable Application Gautier de Montmollin AW1.125 Saturday 18:00 18:20 webm mp4
Proof of Pointer Programs with Ownership in SPARK Yannick Moy AW1.125 Saturday 18:30 18:50 webm mp4
Informal Discussions & Closing Dirk Craeynest AW1.125 Saturday 18:50 19:00 webm mp4

Blockchain and Crypto Currencies devroom (15)

CANCELLED Best Practices for Building Scalable Blockchain Applications Girish Nuli H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 09:00 09:40
Distributed ledgers finally brought me a usable digital identity! Richard Esplin H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 09:40 10:20 webm mp4
Etherlime: open source blockchain development tool
An open source tool for Ethereum developers
Ognyan Chikov H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 10:20 10:50 webm mp4
An overview of Tezos focusing on On-Chain Governance
A new develoment paradigm for the blockchain
Pietro Abate H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 10:50 11:20 webm mp4
Hey, A Blockchain-Based Social Network
Leveraging Ethereum Sidechains Towards Scalability
Thomas Vanderstraeten H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 11:20 11:40 webm mp4
How to build your own Ethereum client
The development story of Nimbus
Jacek Sieka H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 11:40 12:10 webm mp4
Decentralised company register for decentralised companies
Alex Hajjar H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 12:10 12:25 webm mp4
HWallet: The simplest Bitcoin hardware wallet Nemanja Nikodijevic H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
P4: Private Periodic Payments Protocol Liz Steininger H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 13:30 13:50 webm mp4
Protecting Secrets with Hardware
Secure elements, hardware wallets, and device support for cryptocurrencies
Michael Schloh von Bennewitz H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 13:50 14:20 webm mp4
Sustain in Open Source with Gitcoin
Gitcoin is a decentralized application where you can use various ERC-20 tokens to grow and sustain in Open Source and many other things.
Saptak Sengupta H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 14:20 14:40 webm mp4
the current and future state of Ethereum
layer 1 scaling, layer 2 scaling, proof of stake and Serenity (Ethereum 2.0)
Aidan Hyman H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 14:40 15:10 webm mp4
The DAO of Bisq Eyal Ron H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 15:10 15:50 webm mp4
An Open-Source Framework for Building Blockchains
Shawn Tabrizi H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 15:50 16:20 webm mp4
Hyperledger Fabric - Blockchain for the Enterprise Arnaud Le Hors H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 16:20 16:50 webm mp4

BSD devroom (13)

25 Years of FreeBSD Deb Goodkin K.3.401 Saturday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
How to build a FreeBSD CI/CD environment based on pot container Luca Pizzamiglio K.3.401 Saturday 11:00 11:40 webm mp4
Automated firewall testing Kristof Provost K.3.401 Saturday 11:45 12:30 webm mp4
Embedded FreeBSD on a five-core RISC-V processor using LLVM
How hard can it be?
Jeremy Bennett K.3.401 Saturday 12:35 12:55 webm mp4
An Update on NetBSD
and pkgsrc
Benny Siegert K.3.401 Saturday 13:00 13:20 webm mp4
Practical Kernel Memory Disclosure Detection
Thomas Barabosch K.3.401 Saturday 13:25 13:55 webm mp4
FreeBSD Graphics Niclas Zeising K.3.401 Saturday 14:05 14:40 webm mp4
FreeBSD in Audio Studio
FreeBSD is usually not the first choice for music art, but it has quite a lot to offer
Goran Mekić K.3.401 Saturday 14:45 15:25 webm mp4
Migrating a Big Data Cluster from Linux to FreeBSD
Slowly, but steadily
Benedict Reuschling K.3.401 Saturday 15:30 16:10 webm mp4
OpenBSD as a full-featured NAS system Vincent Delft K.3.401 Saturday 16:15 16:55 webm mp4
ZFS Powered Magic Upgrades
Using boot environments for atomic in-place upgrades
Allan Jude K.3.401 Saturday 17:00 17:40 webm mp4
Walking through walls
PostgreSQL ♥ FreeBSD
Thomas Munro K.3.401 Saturday 17:45 18:25 webm mp4
Rspamd integration into mail infrastructure Vsevolod Stakhov K.3.401 Saturday 18:30 19:00 webm mp4

CAD and Open Hardware devroom (18)

Gnucap -- The GNU circuit analysis package
Architecture, Algorithms and Applications
Felix Salfelder AW1.125 Sunday 09:00 09:25 webm mp4
ngspice, current status and future developments Holger Vogt AW1.125 Sunday 09:30 09:55 webm mp4
openEMS - An Introduction and Overview
Using an EM field solver to design antennas and PCBs
Thorsten Liebig AW1.125 Sunday 10:00 10:25 webm mp4
Project Trellis and nextpnr
FOSS FPGA flow for the Lattice ECP5
David Shah AW1.125 Sunday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
Design Automation in Wonderland
The EPFL Logic Synthesis Libraries
Bruno Schmitt AW1.125 Sunday 11:00 11:25 webm mp4
Open source virtual prototyping for faster hardware and software co-design
Make your hardware / software development Agile
Guillaume Delbergue AW1.125 Sunday 11:30 11:40 webm mp4
Lesson learned from Retro-uC and search for ideal HDL for open source silicon Staf Verhaegen AW1.125 Sunday 11:45 11:55 webm mp4
Fritzing - the past, the present and the future
Paving the way for Fritzing's development
Patrick Franken AW1.125 Sunday 12:00 12:25 webm mp4
KiCad Project Status
Everything you wanted to know about the state of the KiCad project.
Wayne Stambaugh AW1.125 Sunday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
Drawing PCBs with Inkscape
Creating printed circuit board designs using Inkscape, SVG2Shenzhen and KiCad
Kaspar Emanuel AW1.125 Sunday 13:00 13:10 webm mp4
The Kitspace BOM Builder
Create bills of materials and buy parts with the information you need at your fingertips
Kaspar Emanuel AW1.125 Sunday 13:15 13:25 webm mp4
horizon EDA - what's new Lukas Kramer AW1.125 Sunday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4
From the idea to the prototype using FLOSS Arnaud Ferraris AW1.125 Sunday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
The Software Developer’s Guide to Open Source Hardware Leon Anavi AW1.125 Sunday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
Pocket Science Lab - An Open Source Hardware for Electronics Teaching & Learning Hong Phuc Dang AW1.125 Sunday 15:00 15:25 webm mp4
Open Source Hardware for Smart City
OSHW LoRaWAN implementation for Parking, Air quality, City lighting and Waste management
Tsvetan Usunov AW1.125 Sunday 15:30 15:55 webm mp4
Building open source scientific equipment
How researchers are owning their own instruments
Andre Maia Chagas AW1.125 Sunday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
FST-01SZ (Flying Stone Tiny 01 revision ShenZhen)
free hardware design for Gnuk Token
Yutaka Niibe AW1.125 Sunday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4

Collaborative Information and Content Management Applications devroom (9)

A private cloud for everyone
Why and how Nextcloud builds a private cloud software
Jos Poortvliet UD2.119 Saturday 15:00 15:20 webm mp4
AMENDMENT Who needs to know? Private-by-design collaboration Ludovic Dubost UD2.119 Saturday 15:25 15:45 webm mp4
Tiki: Easy setup of wiki-based knowledge management system
This talk demonstrates how to build up a simple but powerful knowledge management system starting from a freshly installed Tiki
Jean-Marc Libs UD2.119 Saturday 15:50 16:10 webm mp4
Displaying other Application data into a Wiki
… and other integrations
Ludovic Dubost UD2.119 Saturday 16:15 16:35 webm mp4
LibreOffice Online - hosting your documents
Keeping your documents close and yet collaborative
Michael Meeks UD2.119 Saturday 16:40 17:00 webm mp4
AMENDMENT XWiki: a collaborative apps development platform
Build applications incrementally on top of XWiki rather than coding them from scratch
Anca Luca UD2.119 Saturday 17:05 17:40 webm mp4
Memex: Collaborative Web-Research
& the next generation knowledge management tools.
Oliver Sauter UD2.119 Saturday 17:55 18:15 webm mp4
CubicWeb Linked Data Browser Extension Nicolas Chauvat UD2.119 Saturday 18:20 18:40 webm mp4
Document Redaction with LibreOffice
Preventing Leakage of Sensitive Information by Redaction in Collaborative Environments
Muhammet Kara UD2.119 Saturday 18:45 19:00 webm mp4

Community devroom (15)

Community DevRoom Welcoming Remarks Laura Czajkowski, Leslie Hawthorn UB5.132 Sunday 09:00 09:10
Supporting FOSS Community Members with Impostor Syndrome
Mentoring and supporting peers with impostor syndrome
Sage Sharp UB5.132 Sunday 09:10 09:40 webm mp4
Companies and Communities
Why Can't We All Just Get Along?
Deb Nicholson, Nithya Ruff UB5.132 Sunday 09:45 10:15 webm mp4
The Open Source Community: its past and future
What I learned about the Open Source Community while celebrating its 20th Anniversary around the World
Nick Vidal UB5.132 Sunday 10:20 10:50 webm mp4
Improve your project’s on-ramps for new participants Clif Kussmaul UB5.132 Sunday 10:55 11:25 webm mp4
Community Data is Not Community Metrics
One Team's Journey Down the Wrong Path
Brian Proffitt UB5.132 Sunday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
Building a Community Metrics Strategy Dawn Foster UB5.132 Sunday 12:00 12:30 webm mp4
Sustaining FOSS Projects By Democratizing The Sponsorship Process
How we run and manage our FOSS Sustainability Fund
Duane O'Brien UB5.132 Sunday 12:35 13:05 webm mp4
Hackers gotta eat
Building a Company Around an Open Source Project
Kohsuke Kawaguchi UB5.132 Sunday 13:10 13:40 webm mp4
Consorting with Industry
Sustainability, FLOSS and building a local small business consortium
Phil Weir UB5.132 Sunday 13:45 14:15 webm mp4
Back From the Dead
Resurrecting a national FOSS organization
Tomer Brisker UB5.132 Sunday 14:20 14:50 webm mp4
Coaching for Open Source Communities 2.0 Daniele Scasciafratte UB5.132 Sunday 14:55 15:25 webm mp4
Towards a sustainable solution to open source sustainability Tobie Langel UB5.132 Sunday 15:30 16:00 webm mp4
"Collaboration in Open Source Is the Better Way" Lauri Apple UB5.132 Sunday 16:05 16:35 webm mp4
Community DevRoom Concluding Remarks Laura Czajkowski, Leslie Hawthorn UB5.132 Sunday 16:40 16:55

Containers devroom (16)

openSUSE Kubic for Container People
Exploring the Containerised Frontiers
Richard Brown UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 09:00 09:30 webm mp4
An operator centric way to update application containers with AtomFS Tycho Andersen UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 09:35 10:05 webm mp4
Containers with Different Security Modules
Stacking & Namespacing the LSM
John Johansen UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 10:10 10:25
Upcoming Kubernetes Storage features
transfers, clones and populators
John Griffith UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
Firecracker, should it work only with a single runtime? Dongsu Park UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 11:05 11:35 webm mp4
A year of Container Kernel Work
Past, Present, and Future of Container Kernel Features
Christian Brauner UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 11:40 12:10 webm mp4
Real-time container automation and scheduling
Mgmt Config: Containers
James Shubin UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 12:15 12:45 webm mp4
A follow-up on LTTng container awareness
System level tracing in a containerized world
Michael Jeanson UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 12:50 13:10 webm mp4
A containerd project update
20 minute project update for 2019 FOSDEM containers devroom
Phil Estes UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 13:15 13:35 webm mp4
Kubernetes Network Security Demystified Andrew Martin UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 13:40 14:10 webm mp4
A year of LXD development
Project update on what happened in LXC/LXD in 2018
Stéphane Graber UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 14:15 14:35 webm mp4
Rootless Kubernetes
Running Kubernetes and CRI/OCI Runtimes as an unprivileged user
Akihiro Suda, Giuseppe Scrivano UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 14:40 15:00 webm mp4
A new approach to container isolation with Nabla Brandon Lum UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 15:05 15:35 webm mp4
Introducing kubectl-trace
bpftrace meets Kubernetes with kubectl-trace
Alban Crequy UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 15:40 16:00 webm mp4
A quick update on singularity 3.0
singularity 3.0
Eduardo Arango UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 16:05 16:25 webm mp4
Writing a CNI - as easy as pie
Write you own CNI (Container Network Interface)
Marcin Mirecki UA2.114 (Baudoux) Sunday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4

Decentralized Internet and Privacy devroom (15)

CANCELLED Open and federated identities with ID4me
An alternative to "sign in with Facebook"
Vittorio Bertola UD2.218A Saturday 10:30 11:00
Watching Them Watching Us
WebExtensions Exposing Privacy Leaks
Santiago Saavedra, Konark Modi UD2.218A Saturday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
Analysis of the behavior of mobile applications and its consequences for our privacy
Presentation and analysis of the work of Exodus Privacy
pnu, Guinness UD2.218A Saturday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
A federation of networks for cooperation and solidarity through distributed platforms.
Jon Richter UD2.218A Saturday 12:00 12:30 webm mp4
Onion adventures
how to use onion services and the Tor network in your web endeavors
Silvia Puglisi UD2.218A Saturday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
Retroshare JSON API
Making libRetroshare a generic service for decentralized and private communication
Gioacchino Mazzurco UD2.218A Saturday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
The New Internet
let's talk about IPFS
Paula de la Hoz UD2.218A Saturday 13:30 14:00 webm mp4
Challenges With Building End-to-End Encrypted Applications - Learnings From EteSync Tom Hacohen UD2.218A Saturday 14:00 14:30 webm mp4
The right to data portability (and why it's a very bad idea)
How the RGPD leads to the DTP and why DTP is a dead-end
Laurent Chemla UD2.218A Saturday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
Enough: How journalism can benefit from free software Veronika Nad UD2.218A Saturday 15:00 15:30 webm mp4
decentralize the way we sync, share and collaborate
Björn Schießle UD2.218A Saturday 15:30 16:00 webm mp4
Dark Peak Data Co-op
Sheffield Geeks Freeing Their Data
Mat Booth UD2.218A Saturday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
An essential building block for the decentralized Internet
Aleks UD2.218A Saturday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4
Organisational Processes in Decentralized Software
roundtable open to decentralized software developers
Natacha Roussel, zeyev UD2.218A Saturday 17:00 17:30 webm mp4
ActivityPub panel Christopher Webber, Cory Slep, Agate, Matt Baer UD2.218A Saturday 17:30 18:30 webm mp4

Distributions devroom (11)

AMENDMENT Packaging for Mageia Linux with Docker containers Bruno Cornec K.3.401 Sunday 09:00 09:50 webm mp4
Linux distributions, lifecycles, and containers Adam Samalik K.3.401 Sunday 09:55 10:45 webm mp4
GRUB upstream and distros cooperation Daniel Kiper K.3.401 Sunday 10:50 11:20 webm mp4
Package software for any distribution with upt Cyril Roelandt K.3.401 Sunday 11:20 11:50 webm mp4
openSUSE Kubic for Distro People
exploring the containerised frontiers
Richard Brown K.3.401 Sunday 11:55 12:45 webm mp4
Portable Services are Ready to Use
Portable Services bring some container features to classic service management
Lennart Poettering K.3.401 Sunday 12:50 13:40 webm mp4
Homebrew 2.0.0 Mike McQuaid K.3.401 Sunday 13:45 14:15 webm mp4
Set-versioned package dependencies
addressing the problem of shared library updates
Dmitry Levin K.3.401 Sunday 14:15 14:45 webm mp4
FreeIPA and cross-distribution packaging experience Alexander Bokovoy K.3.401 Sunday 14:50 15:40 webm mp4
Distribution build / delivery styles, one style to rule them all ?
Is rolling release the answer for everything ? Or Service Pack ? SUSE and openSUSE experience
Frederic Crozat K.3.401 Sunday 15:40 16:30 webm mp4
GNU Guix’s take on a new approach to software distribution Ludovic Courtès K.3.401 Sunday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4

DNS devroom (14)

Using getdns for local DNSSEC validation Philip Homburg K.4.601 Sunday 09:35 10:05 webm mp4
How and why (not) to use the nameserver, systemd-resolved and resolvctl
Or what is systemd-resolved and how it is integrated on Ubuntu
Dimitri John Ledkov K.4.601 Sunday 10:10 10:40 webm mp4
Stories from BIND9 refactoring
Dealing with code that can drink legally
Witold Kręcicki K.4.601 Sunday 10:45 11:15 webm mp4
DNS and the Internet's architecture: the DoH dilemma
Impacts of DNS-over-HTTPS on how the Internet works
Vittorio Bertola K.4.601 Sunday 11:20 11:50 webm mp4
DNS Privacy panel
A discussion about all aspects of DNS Privacy
Daniel Stenberg, Stéphane Bortzmeyer, Bert Hubert, Jan-Piet Mens K.4.601 Sunday 11:55 12:25 webm mp4
ID4me: using the DNS as a directory for identities
Who needs a blockchain when you have the DNS?
Vittorio Bertola K.4.601 Sunday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
A flexible tool for DNS load and functional testing
Jan Včelák K.4.601 Sunday 13:00 13:20 webm mp4
Dynamic answer generation with Lua
An exploration of the LUA record from the upcoming PowerDNS release
Pieter Lexis K.4.601 Sunday 13:25 13:55 webm mp4
Is a single DNS vendor enough?
Discussion about complexities of multi-vendor deployment, and why you should do it anyway.
Petr Špaček K.4.601 Sunday 14:00 14:30 webm mp4
DNS as code with octodns
Versioning and keep track of your dns records changes and automatize all the thing via travis-ci
Matteo Valentini K.4.601 Sunday 14:35 15:05 webm mp4
DNSSEC security without maintenance
... with the right software and registry
Petr Špaček K.4.601 Sunday 15:10 15:40 webm mp4
Documenting Validator Requirements Edward Lewis K.4.601 Sunday 15:45 16:00 webm mp4
Revoking the 2010 DNSKEY
Monitoring the events of 11th of January 2019
Roy Arends K.4.601 Sunday 16:05 16:25 webm mp4
Testing Over 1000 gTLDs for EDNS0 Edward Lewis K.4.601 Sunday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4

Free Java devroom (17)

Welcome Mario Torre H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 10:30 10:35
State of OpenJDK Mark Reinhold H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 10:35 11:15 webm mp4
Rumble in the Java Jungle Volker Simonis H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 11:20 11:45 webm mp4
Loom: Weaving executions Ron Pressler H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 11:50 12:15 webm mp4
Java Checkpoint/Restore Christine H Flood H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 12:20 12:45 webm mp4
Java with Docker: How to Make it Work Adam Farley H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 12:50 13:15 webm mp4
Performance tuning Twitter services with Graal and Machine Learning Christian Thalinger H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 13:20 13:45 webm mp4
Securing the JVM, neither for fun nor for profit, but do you really have a choice? Nicolas Frankel H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 13:50 14:15 webm mp4
Learning about Deep Learning: Applications for OpenJDK/Java Verification Shelley Lambert H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 14:20 14:45 webm mp4
An introduction to Middleware Application Monitoring with Java Mission Control and Flight Recorder Mario Torre, Marcus Hirt H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 14:50 15:15 webm mp4
The Missing Benchmark Metric: Memory Consumption Jens Wilke H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 15:20 15:45 webm mp4
A walkthrough guide to implementing a compiler intrinsic Andrew Dinn H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 15:50 16:15 webm mp4
Build your own GC with OpenJDK in 20 minutes Roman Kennke H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 16:20 16:45 webm mp4
Making the JIT part of the cloud Irwin D'Souza H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 16:50 17:15 webm mp4
Tested for Business: An Open and Transparent Quality Kit Shelley Lambert H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 17:20 17:45 webm mp4
Java Language Futures Brian Goetz H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 17:50 18:15 webm mp4
OpenJDK Governing Board Q&A Mark Reinhold, Mario Torre, Andrew Haley, Georges Saab, Doug Lea, John Duimovich H.1302 (Depage) Saturday 18:20 19:00 webm mp4

Free Software Radio devroom (16)

Intro to the Free Software Radio Track Martin Braun AW1.120 Sunday 09:00 09:15
gr-soapy: A handy SDR hardware interface module for GNU Radio Nestoras Sdoukos AW1.120 Sunday 09:15 09:30 webm mp4
GNU Radio with a Rusty FPGA
Experiment building FPGA accelerated blocks with Rust bindings
Brennan Ashton AW1.120 Sunday 09:30 10:00 webm mp4
Protect your bits: Introduction to gr-fec
A look into the error-correction capabilities of GNU Radio
Martin Braun AW1.120 Sunday 10:00 10:30 webm mp4
GNU Radio meets Scapy Bastian Bloessl AW1.120 Sunday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
GNU Radio in 2019: Facts and Plans
An overview of where GNU Radio is going this fine year
Marcus Müller AW1.120 Sunday 11:00 11:45 webm mp4
libsigmf: Human Tools for Extra-Terrestrial and AI Radios Ben Hilburn, Nathan West AW1.120 Sunday 11:45 12:30 webm mp4
SDR Makerspace
Alexandru Csete AW1.120 Sunday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
Digital Predistortion
Implementation and Use
Derek Kozel AW1.120 Sunday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
Equinox: A C++11 platform for realtime SDR applications Manolis Surligas AW1.120 Sunday 13:30 14:00 webm mp4
An End-to-End LTE Testbed in Three Clicks Andre Puschmann AW1.120 Sunday 14:00 14:30 webm mp4
Spoofing GPS
is it really the time we think it is, and are we really where we think we are ?
Jean-Michel Friedt AW1.120 Sunday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
The Dwingeloo radio telescope goes SDR Paul Boven AW1.120 Sunday 15:00 15:30 webm mp4
Performing Low-cost Electromagnetic Side-channel Attacks using RTL-SDR and Neural Networks Pieter Robyns AW1.120 Sunday 15:30 16:00 webm mp4
Decoding Meteor-M2: QPSK, Viterbi, Reed Solomon and JPEG
from IQ coefficients to images, analysis of digital weather satellite transmissions
Jean-Michel Friedt AW1.120 Sunday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
Flushing the Delay Line
Closing out the Free Software Radio Devroom
AW1.120 Sunday 16:30 17:00

Free Tools and Editors devroom (15)

Welcome Geertjan Wielenga, Lars Vogel, Johan Vos UD2.119 Sunday 09:00 09:05
Approaching Light Speed - News from the Eclipse Platform Project Lars Vogel UD2.119 Sunday 09:05 09:35 webm mp4
From Oracle to Apache - News from Apache NetBeans Geertjan Wielenga, Jan Lahoda UD2.119 Sunday 09:40 10:10 webm mp4
Tooling for IntelliJ Platform Plugins Yann Cébron UD2.119 Sunday 10:15 10:45 webm mp4
GraalVM: Polyglot Development Platform with Great Toolability Martin Entlicher UD2.119 Sunday 10:50 11:20 webm mp4
Embracing Language Servers for Blockchain Development Karsten Thoms UD2.119 Sunday 11:25 11:55 webm mp4
Tools for Shrinking Your Containers Ewan Slater UD2.119 Sunday 12:00 12:20 webm mp4
Time is Important - Developer Centric IoT Platforms Nicholas Herriot UD2.119 Sunday 12:25 12:55 webm mp4
Adding Support for a New Language in the Eclipse IDE Jonas Hungershausen UD2.119 Sunday 13:00 13:30
Taming The Dinosaur: How Eclipse was Performance Tuned Karsten Thoms UD2.119 Sunday 13:35 14:05 webm mp4
PraxisLIVE: Hybrid Visual Live Programming Neil C Smith UD2.119 Sunday 14:10 14:40
Quick & Easy Desktop Development with NetBeans and its HTML/JAVA API John Kostaras UD2.119 Sunday 14:45 15:15
Java 4..12, Kotlin, Code Coverage and their best friend — bytecode: scandals, intrigues, investigations Evgeny Mandrikov UD2.119 Sunday 15:20 15:50 webm mp4
Extend Emacs in C or Other Languages Aurélien Aptel UD2.119 Sunday 15:55 16:25 webm mp4
Profiling Low-End Platforms using HawkTracer Profiler Marcin Kolny UD2.119 Sunday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4

Geospatial devroom (13)

Improve OSM data quality with DeepLearning Olivier Courtin AW1.126 Sunday 09:00 09:40 webm mp4
An open source Geocoding system for the simple communication of locations with a resolution of 1 m
Ervin Ruci AW1.126 Sunday 09:45 10:15 webm mp4
Latest developments in Boost Geometry Vissarion Fysikopoulos AW1.126 Sunday 10:20 11:00 webm mp4
Continuous Integration to compile and test Navit Patrick Höhn AW1.126 Sunday 11:05 11:35 webm mp4
Linking OpenStreetMap and Wikidata
A semi-automated, user-assisted editing tool
Edward Betts AW1.126 Sunday 11:40 12:20 webm mp4
GraphHopper Routing Engine - New Features
Overview of the latest features and development
Peter Karich AW1.126 Sunday 12:25 12:55 webm mp4
Hikar - Augmented reality for hikers
Developing an app and framework for outdoor AR
Nick Whitelegg AW1.126 Sunday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
Hundred thousand rides a day
How can a massive amount of GPX traces help us improve OpenStreetMap
Ilya Zverev AW1.126 Sunday 13:35 14:05 webm mp4
Open Source Geolocation
The story and challenges ahead
Zeeshan Ali AW1.126 Sunday 14:10 14:40 webm mp4
OpenStreetMaps for emergency prep: The view from San Francisco
Using OpenStreetMap and QGIS to build resiliency maps
Stefano Maffulli AW1.126 Sunday 14:45 15:15 webm mp4
OpenTrailView 360
FOSS StreetView for hikers
Nick Whitelegg AW1.126 Sunday 15:20 15:50 webm mp4
Spatial Reference Systems Transformations with Boost.Geometry Adam Wulkiewicz AW1.126 Sunday 15:55 16:25 webm mp4
VR Map: Putting OpenStreetMap Data Into a WebVR World
Simple GeoData Visualization with A-Frame
Robert Kaiser AW1.126 Sunday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4

Go devroom (17)

The State of Go
What's new since Go 1.10
Francesc Campoy UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
Building modern desktop apps in Go Serge Zaitsev UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
How to write a reverse-proxy with Go in 25 minutes Julien Salleyron UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
Git database with bitmap index Kuba Podgórski UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 12:00 12:30 webm mp4
Hands on debugging with Delve Derek Parker UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
Designing Command-Line Tools People Love Carolyn Van Slyck UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
Go containers? Go serverless?
A cloud native journey
Michael Hausenblas UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 13:30 14:00 webm mp4
gRPC, Protobufs and Go... OH MY!
An introduction to building client/server systems with gRPC
John Griffith UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 14:00 14:30 webm mp4
AI image search with Go & Tensorflow
Integrate the advances of AI in your Go apps
Gildas Chabot UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
When and How to use CGo
Or, Foreign Functions for Fun and Profit
Liz Frost UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 15:00 15:30 webm mp4
Building a Hardware MIDI Player
Exploration of Linux's System Interfaces
Terin Stock UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 15:30 16:00 webm mp4
Parallel programming in Go for performance with the Pargo library Pascal Costanza UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
The clusterfuck hidden in the Kubernetes code base
and the brilliant refactoring techniques developed to fix it
Kris Nova UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4
Embedded with Go: from an AWK prototype to a gokrazy appliance
How to build a self-contained toy for young children to give them control over their music and rhymes
Anisse Astier UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 17:00 17:30 webm mp4
Tuning Go GC Parameters Bryan Boreham UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 17:30 18:00 webm mp4
How Kubernetes used gRPC to encrypt secrets with an external Key Management Service Rita Zhang UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 18:00 18:30 webm mp4
Go Lightning Talks
Come speak!
UD2.120 (Chavanne) Saturday 18:30 19:00 webm mp4

Graphics devroom (16)

VkRunner: a Vulkan shader test tool
A presentation of VkRunner which is a tool to help test the compiler in your Vulkan driver using simple high-level scripts
Neil Roberts K.4.401 Saturday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
Intel GFX CI: Validation done the Linux way Martin Peres K.4.401 Saturday 11:00 11:25 webm mp4
The present, the future and how to get there.
Jakob Bornecrantz K.4.401 Saturday 11:30 11:55 webm mp4
IGT GPU Tools - the past, the present, the future Arek Hiler K.4.401 Saturday 12:00 12:25 webm mp4
Wayland in IVI systems
In-Vehicle-Infotainment systems and their graphics sub-system
Eugen Friedrich K.4.401 Saturday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
Greenfield: An in-browser Wayland compositor
Running a Wayland compositor entirely in your browser
Erik De Rijcke K.4.401 Saturday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
Complex cameras are (were?) complex
How to make complex cameras easier: an update from the Libcamera project
Jacopo Mondi K.4.401 Saturday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4
AMENDMENT HDMI CEC: A Status Update Hans Verkuil K.4.401 Saturday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
Writing X11/Wayland agnostic GL applications with Waffle Emil Velikov K.4.401 Saturday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
A low latency GPU engine based reset mechanism for a more robust UI experience Carlos Santa K.4.401 Saturday 15:00 15:25 webm mp4
Flickerfree boot
Seamless boot for UEFI systems
Hans de Goede K.4.401 Saturday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
What's new in the GPU virtual world? Elie Tournier K.4.401 Saturday 16:30 16:55 webm mp4
V4L2: A Status Update Hans Verkuil K.4.401 Saturday 17:00 17:25 webm mp4
PipeWire wants to take over your multimedia
Wim Taymans K.4.401 Saturday 17:30 17:55 webm mp4
Reducing Memory Usage of Mesa's Shader Compiler (Again)
Why does this shader need 80GiB to compile?
Ian Romanick K.4.401 Saturday 18:00 18:25 webm mp4
0 A.D: Graphics
Graphics problems and opportunities of open-source game
Vladislav Belov K.4.401 Saturday 18:30 18:55 webm mp4

Graph Processing devroom (8)

AMENDMENT Introduction of OSS Weaviate, the Decentralised Knowledge Graph
What is a decentralised knowledge graph and what is the contextionary that powers it?
Etienne Dilocker H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 10:30 11:10 webm mp4
Gephi JS: Exploring the dystopian future of a Javascript Gephi Mathieu Jacomy H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 11:15 11:55 webm mp4
Leveraging real-time streaming with Neo4j-Streams Andrea Santurbano H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 12:00 12:40 webm mp4
Graph usage in EFL
using graphs to navigate a UI
Marcel Hollerbach H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 12:45 13:05 webm mp4
Using networks to study 18th century French trade Paul Girard H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 13:10 13:50 webm mp4
Differentiated access control to graph data
Applied to TinkerPop-compatible graph databases
Marc De Lignie H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 13:55 14:35 webm mp4
Multiplex graph analysis with GraphBLAS Gabor Szarnyas H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 14:40 15:20 webm mp4
Mgmt Config: A tale of three graphs
Real-time, autonomous, automation with graphs (mostly DAG's)
James Shubin H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 15:25 16:05 webm mp4

Hardware Enablement devroom (14)

Raspberry Pi history, tips and use case
its history, how to use it and what is its good use case
Masafumi Ohta K.4.401 Sunday 10:00 10:30 webm mp4
Will you boot Haiku, on a non intel platform, no BIOS winter?
Booting Haiku on non-x86, a never-ending story.
François Revol K.4.401 Sunday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
U-Boot from Scratch
v2019.01 edition
Jagan Teki K.4.401 Sunday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
Linux and USB Audio Class 3 Ruslan Bilovol K.4.401 Sunday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
UEFI Boot for Mere Mortals Stephano Cetola, Alexander Graf K.4.401 Sunday 12:00 12:30 webm mp4
AMENDMENT CI/CD for embedded development with an ESP8266, Arduino-cli, Gitlab-ci, Raspberry Pi, and Kubernetes
Blink a LED with gitlab-ci and arduino-cli
Benjamin Henrion (zoobab) K.4.401 Sunday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
Open Source Firmware at Facebook
"If you don't own your firmware, your firmware owns you"
Andrea Barberio, David Hendricks K.4.401 Sunday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
OpenGL on Vulkan
Erik Faye-Lund K.4.401 Sunday 13:30 14:00 webm mp4
One image to rule them all
Single boot image for SBCs
Andre Przywara K.4.401 Sunday 14:00 14:30 webm mp4
Pocket Science Lab
Developing FOSS Hardware and Scaling up to Large Scale Production
Mario Behling K.4.401 Sunday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
Porting U-Boot to a Modular Device
Booting Linux via U-Boot on a board which can be composed of several different modules
Marek Behún K.4.401 Sunday 15:00 15:30 webm mp4
Microcontroller Firmware from Scratch Nikolai Kondrashov K.4.401 Sunday 15:30 16:00 webm mp4
KernelCI: a new dawn
How the KernelCI project is getting a second breath
Guillaume Tucker K.4.401 Sunday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
Redfish: the new standard for a Software Defined Infrastructure Bruno Cornec K.4.401 Sunday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4

HPC, Big Data and Data Science devroom (19)

Data Science on GPUs
Christoph Angerer UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 09:00 09:45 webm mp4
OpenHPC Update Adrian Reber UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 09:50 10:15 webm mp4
CK: an open-source framework to automate, reproduce, crowdsource and reuse experiments at HPC conferences Grigori Fursin UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 10:15 10:40 webm mp4
Couple scientific simulation codes with preCICE
A journey towards sustainable research software
Gerasimos Chourdakis UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 10:45 11:10 webm mp4
ReFrame: A Regression Testing and Continuous Integration Framework for HPC systems Victor Holanda UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 11:15 11:40 webm mp4
Reproducible science with containers on HPC through Singularity
Singularity containers
Eduardo Arango UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 11:45 12:10 webm mp4
Nakadi: Streaming Events for 100s of Teams
Serving all sorts of users and use cases, the sane way
Lionel Montrieux UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 12:15 12:25 webm mp4
MALT & NUMAPROF, Memory Profiling for HPC Applications Sébastien Valat UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 12:25 12:35 webm mp4
Setting up an HPC lab from scratch
with Mr-Provisioner, Jenkins and Ansible
Renato Golin UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 12:40 12:50 webm mp4
Feature store: A Data Management Layer for Machine Learning
Data Management for ML
Kim Hammar UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 12:50 13:00 webm mp4
The state of machine learning operations in 2019: reproducibility, explainability, bias evaluation and beyond Alejandro Saucedo UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 13:00 13:10 webm mp4
The convergence of HPC and BigData
What does it mean for HPC sysadmins?
Damien François UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 13:15 13:40 webm mp4
Introducing Kubeflow
(w. Special Guests Tensorflow and Apache Spark)
Holden Karau, Trevor Grant UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 13:40 14:05 webm mp4
Validating Big Data Jobs
An exploration with Spark & Airflow (+ friends)
Holden Karau UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 14:05 14:30 webm mp4
From Zero to Portability
Apache Beam's Journey to Cross-Language Data Processing
Maximilian Michels UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
Speeding up Programs with OpenACC in GCC
... using the compute power of GPUs and other accelerators
Thomas Schwinge UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 15:00 15:25 webm mp4
Streaming Pipelines for Neural Machine Translation Suneel Marthi, Jörn Kottmann UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 15:30 15:55 webm mp4
Deep Learning on Massively Parallel Processing Databases Frank McQuillan UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
Condition Monitoring & Transfer Learning
Good predictions in situations with (initially) almost no data
Daniel Germanus, Felix Bert UA2.118 (Henriot) Sunday 16:30 16:55 webm mp4

Infra Management devroom (13)

Ten years of Puppet installations: what now?
Lessons learned, sane suggestions, outlook for the future.
Alessandro Franceschi UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
Keeping Track of Stateful Infrastructure
An overview over InnoGames infrastructure and the tools we build
Patrick Meyer UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 11:00 11:50 webm mp4
Multicloud CI/CD with OpenStack and Kubernetes Maxime Guyot UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 12:00 12:50 webm mp4
Use configmanagement for your ... configmanagement. Wim Bonthuis UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
Mgmt Config: The Road to 0.1
Real-time, autonomous, automation
James Shubin UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4
Configurations: Do you prove yours ? Alexandre Brianceau UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
Uyuni: A world-class open source frontend solution for managing your software-defined infrastructure with Salt
Pablo Suárez Hernández, Julio González Gil UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
Declare your Linux Network state! Till Maas, Edward Haas UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 15:00 15:25 webm mp4
Sysadmins, too, deserve interface stability
Designing a stable interface to abstract OS configuration across multiple distribution versions - Linux System Roles for Ansible
Till Maas, Pavel Cahyna UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 15:30 15:55 webm mp4
Pulp 3: Ready for a Test Drive Austin Macdonald UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
Codifying infrastructure with Terraform for the future Anton Babenko UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 16:30 17:20 webm mp4
Automate Kubernetes Workloads with Ansible
Easy deployment, self-service provisioning, and day-2 management!
Michael Hrivnak UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 17:30 17:55 webm mp4
How We Modified an Agent-based Automation System to Become an Agentless One
Lessons and Architecture
Megan Wilhite UB2.252A (Lameere) Saturday 18:00 18:50 webm mp4

Javascript devroom (16)

JavaScript: If you love it, set it free John Sullivan H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 09:00 09:25 webm mp4
Cross browser extensions Trishul Goel H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 09:30 09:55 webm mp4
Using Progressive Web Apps to control IoT
Using a PWA app to control an IoT device using JS frameworks
Nicholas Herriot H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 10:00 10:25 webm mp4
High end augmented reality using Javascript
Using markers with a webcam is cool but what about a HoloLens or MagicLeap straight from the browser?
Fabien Benetou (@Utopiah) H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
From jQuery to React
Gradual migration with hybrid approach
Amir Fefer H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 11:00 11:25 webm mp4
Developing data structures for JavaScript
Why and how to implement efficient data structures to use with node.js or in the browser
Guillaume Plique H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 11:30 11:55 webm mp4
AMENDMENT Free Open Source Corporate JavaScript Stacks
2nd Generation JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries
Geertjan Wielenga H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 12:00 12:25
PWA caching strategies
How to obtain maximum performance from your Progressive web app
Gabriele Falasca H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
Less painful E2E tests with Pavel Kruhlei H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
JavaScript for open computing education Evan Cole H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4
Bring JavaScript to the Internet of Things
From Embedded Device to Smart Gateway
Philippe Coval, Ziran Sun H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
Hacking NodeJS applications for fun and profit
Testing NodeJS Security
José Manuel Ortega H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
Testing GraphQL in your JavaScript application Roy Derks (@gethackteam) H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 15:00 15:25 webm mp4
Web Components are the future. And the future is now! Davy Engone (Hackages) H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 15:30 15:55 webm mp4
Making furniture with Javascript
An open-source community run platform for designers to experiment with parametric furniture design.
Amit Nambiar H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
Let's make the javascript startup bottleneck a thing of the past!
David Teller H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 16:30 16:55 webm mp4

Legal and Policy Issues devroom (14)

Welcome to the Legal and Policy Issues devroom Tom Marble UA2.220 (Guillissen) Saturday 10:30 10:35 webm mp4
What did I just agree to?
A quick trip through the un-"popular" open source licenses
Marc Jones UA2.220 (Guillissen) Saturday 10:35 11:00 webm mp4
Introducing the CERN Open Hardware Licence version 2
Covering some of the major changes in this new version of CERN-OHL
Andrew Katz UA2.220 (Guillissen) Saturday 11:00 11:25 webm mp4
Now what? Following through on your community guidelines Molly de Blanc UA2.220 (Guillissen) Saturday 11:30 11:55 webm mp4
Open source in the quest for GDPR compliance Cristina DeLisle UA2.220 (Guillissen) Saturday 12:00 12:25 webm mp4
LibreOffice: the origins of a community fork Italo Vignoli UA2.220 (Guillissen) Saturday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
Redis Labs & the tragedy of the Commons Clause Chris Lamb UA2.220 (Guillissen) Saturday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
How should lawyers behave? Legal "Ethics" and Free Software Karen Sandler, Pamela Chestek, Miriam Ballhausen, Amanda Brock, Justin Colannino UA2.220 (Guillissen) Saturday 13:30 14:20 webm mp4
FOSS Governance: The good, the bad and the ugly Deb Nicholson UA2.220 (Guillissen) Saturday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
Making Sense of so many License Compliance Tools Bradley M. Kuhn, Michael Jaeger, Philippe Ombredanne, Valerio Cosentino, Max Sills, Thomas Steenbergen UA2.220 (Guillissen) Saturday 15:00 15:50 webm mp4
Who wants you to think nobody uses the AGPL and why John Sullivan UA2.220 (Guillissen) Saturday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
Advocating For FOSS Inside Companies Redux Tom Marble, Charles Eckel, Nithya Ruff, Duane O'Brien, Jeff McAffer UA2.220 (Guillissen) Saturday 16:30 17:20 webm mp4
The surprising interaction of open source and patent exhaustion Van Lindberg UA2.220 (Guillissen) Saturday 17:30 17:55 webm mp4
Organizer's Panel -- Now and Forever Tom Marble, Bradley M. Kuhn, Karen Sandler, Richard Fontana UA2.220 (Guillissen) Saturday 18:00 18:50 webm mp4

LLVM devroom (11)

Roll your own compiler with LLVM
Easy IR generation
Kai Nacke K.4.201 Sunday 09:00 09:40 webm mp4
Rewriting Pointer Dereferences in bcc with Clang
Syntactic sugar for BPF programs
Paul Chaignon K.4.201 Sunday 09:45 10:25 webm mp4
Building an LLVM-based tool
Lessons Learned
Alex Denisov K.4.201 Sunday 10:30 11:10 webm mp4
Debug info in optimized code - how far can we go?
Improving LLVM debug info with function entry values
Nikola Prica, Djordje Todorovic K.4.201 Sunday 11:15 11:55 webm mp4
Lessons in TableGen Nicolai Hähnle K.4.201 Sunday 12:00 12:40 webm mp4
LLVM for the Apollo Guidance Computer Lewis Revill K.4.201 Sunday 12:45 13:25 webm mp4
Multi-stage compiler-assisted specializer generator built on LLVM
Eugene Sharygin K.4.201 Sunday 13:30 14:10 webm mp4
SMT-Based Refutation of Spurious Bug Reports in the Clang Static Analyzer Mikhail Gadelha K.4.201 Sunday 14:15 14:55 webm mp4
What makes LLD so fast? Peter Smith K.4.201 Sunday 15:00 15:40 webm mp4
Compiling the Linux kernel with LLVM tools Nick Desaulniers K.4.201 Sunday 15:45 16:25 webm mp4
It was working yesterday! Investigating regressions with llvmlab bisect
A hands-on introduction to llvmlab bisect
Leandro Nunes K.4.201 Sunday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4

Microkernels and Component-based OS devroom (11)

What's new in the world of seL4 Gernot Heiser AW1.121 Sunday 09:00 09:45 webm mp4
Microkernel virtualization under one roof
Dare the impossible
Alexander Boettcher AW1.121 Sunday 09:55 10:30 webm mp4
A roadmap for the Hurd? Samuel Thibault AW1.121 Sunday 10:40 11:00 webm mp4
A microkernel written in Rust: Porting the UNIX-like Redox OS to Armv8
A case study of Rust as a language for writing microkernel based compositions
Robin Randhawa AW1.121 Sunday 11:10 11:55 webm mp4
Hands-on composition of basic L4Re components Jakub Jermář AW1.121 Sunday 12:05 12:50 webm mp4
Unikraft: Unikernels Made Easy Simon Kuenzer AW1.121 Sunday 13:00 13:35 webm mp4
Hardware/Software Co-Design for Efficient Microkernel Execution Martin Děcký AW1.121 Sunday 13:45 14:20 webm mp4
Solo5: A sandboxed, re-targetable execution environment for unikernels
A {unikernel,kernel} is just a {process,hypervisor} in disguise
Martin Lucina, Ricardo Koller AW1.121 Sunday 14:30 15:15 webm mp4
AMENDMENT Microkernel lightning talks Jakub Jermář, Norman Feske AW1.121 Sunday 15:25 15:55 webm mp4
Operating System hardening : Dealing with external interrupts Tokponnon Parfait AW1.121 Sunday 16:05 16:30 webm mp4
The impact of Meltre and Specdown on microkernel systems (*)
(*) Deliberate misspelling of Meltdown and Spectre
Matthias Lange AW1.121 Sunday 16:35 17:00 webm mp4

Minimalistic Languages devroom (17)

A small, FRP DSL for distributed systems
Mgmt Config: The Language
James Shubin K.4.201 Saturday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
Why JSON when you can DSL?
Your problematics deserve their own language
Jérôme Martin K.4.201 Saturday 10:55 11:15 webm mp4
Templating Languages for Interactive Fiction Michael Gran K.4.201 Saturday 11:15 11:40 webm mp4
Tcl - An Embeddable Long-lever with a Comfortable Grip, that fits in your Pocket. Brad Harder K.4.201 Saturday 11:40 12:05 webm mp4
Minimalism matters Pjotr Prins K.4.201 Saturday 12:05 12:25 webm mp4
Minimalism versus Types
An experience report on the development of Titan, a statically-typed Lua-like language
Hisham Muhammad K.4.201 Saturday 12:25 12:50 webm mp4
Luerl: Lua in Erlang
Luerl introduction emphasizing its trade-off as scripting skin on top of the BEAM ecosystem.
Jean Chassoul K.4.201 Saturday 12:50 13:10 webm mp4
Functional Programming Language
Sławomir Maludziński K.4.201 Saturday 13:10 13:35 webm mp4
GWL: GNU Workflow Language Ricardo Wurmus K.4.201 Saturday 13:35 14:00 webm mp4
Perl 6 as a new tool for language compilers
Using Perl 6 grammars to design and implement a programming language
Andrew Shitov K.4.201 Saturday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
Experience with wisp
5 years with fewer parens
Arne Babenhauserheide K.4.201 Saturday 14:25 14:50 webm mp4
Building a whole distro on top of a minimalistic language
The story of GNU Guix
Ludovic Courtès K.4.201 Saturday 14:50 15:20 webm mp4
Reduced Binary Seed bootstrap for GNU Guix
Jan (janneke) Nieuwenhuizen K.4.201 Saturday 15:20 15:50 webm mp4
Guile 3: Faster programs via just-in-time compilation Andy Wingo K.4.201 Saturday 15:50 16:20 webm mp4
A Guiler's Year of Racket Christopher Webber K.4.201 Saturday 16:20 16:50 webm mp4
Fractalide and Cantor
A Racket application built with Flow-Based Programming
Claes Wallin K.4.201 Saturday 16:50 17:20 webm mp4
Make your own language with Racket
A kickstart workshop for the creative minds
Jérôme Martin K.4.201 Saturday 17:20 18:20 webm mp4

ML on Code devroom (11)

Understanding Source Code with Deep Learning Miltos Allamanis H.2213 Sunday 09:10 09:50 webm mp4
Suggesting Fixes during Code Review with ML Vadim Markovtsev H.2213 Sunday 09:50 10:30 webm mp4
Astor: An automated software repair framework Matias Martinez H.2213 Sunday 10:30 11:10 webm mp4
Code anomalies in Kotlin programs
Automatic detection of anomalous code fragments written in Kotlin
Timofey Bryksin H.2213 Sunday 11:10 11:50 webm mp4
Predicting areas for PR Comments based on Code Vectors & Mailing List Data Holden Karau, Kris Nova H.2213 Sunday 11:50 12:30 webm mp4
Deduplication on large amounts of code
Fuzzy deduplication of PGA using source{d} stack
Romain Keramitas H.2213 Sunday 12:30 13:10 webm mp4
Neural commit message suggester
Proposing git commit messages with neural networks
Alberto Massidda H.2213 Sunday 13:10 13:50 webm mp4
Mining Source Code^3
Mining Idioms, Usages and Edits
Dario Di Nucci H.2213 Sunday 13:50 14:30 webm mp4
Coming: a Tool for Mining Change Pattern Instances from Git Commits Matias Martinez H.2213 Sunday 14:30 15:10 webm mp4
How to build an automatic refactoring and migration toolkit Juliette Tisseyre H.2213 Sunday 15:10 15:50 webm mp4
Smelling Source Code Using Deep Learning Tushar Sharma H.2213 Sunday 15:50 16:30 webm mp4

Monitoring and Observability devroom (17)

Devroom intro Richard Hartmann UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 09:00 09:10 webm mp4
Grafana 6.0
Jumping in when others cancel
Carl Bergquist UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 09:10 09:35
Augmented Network Visibility with High-Resolution Metrics Simone Mainardi UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 09:50 10:15 webm mp4
Critical Path Analysis Jaana Dogan (JBD) UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
On Observability
Observability 101
Richard Hartmann UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 11:10 11:35 webm mp4
Loki - Prometheus for logs Tom Wilkie UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 11:50 12:15 webm mp4
Latency SLOs done right Heinrich Hartmann UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
M3 and a new age of metrics and monitoring in an increasingly complex world Rob Skillington UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 13:10 13:35 webm mp4
Privacy-preserving monitoring of an anonymity network
Data Collection, Analysis, and Visualisation from the public Tor network
Iain Learmonth (irl) UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 13:50 14:15 webm mp4
Using eBPF for Linux Performance Analyses Peter Zaitsev UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
Thanos - Transforming Prometheus to a Global Scale in a Seven Simple Steps Bartek Plotka UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 15:10 15:35 webm mp4
Deep Dive: Kubernetes Metrics with Prometheus Matthias Loibl, Sergiusz Urbaniak UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 15:50 16:15 webm mp4
Real-time merging of config management and monitoring
Mgmt Config: Monitoring
James Shubin UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 16:30 16:35 webm mp4
Let's use centralized log collection to make incident response teams happy Hannah Suarez UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 16:35 16:40 webm mp4
Writing Asynchronous SNMP Agents
From a MIB file to a fully-fledged Python application
Ilya Etingof UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 16:40 16:45 webm mp4
SAYMON - object-oriented monitoring and management for both ICT&IoT
object hierarchies and time-series for robust back-end and visual front-end on top
Konstantin Mikhaylov UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 16:45 16:50 webm mp4
Monitoring OpenLDAP with Python
Michael Ströder UB2.252A (Lameere) Sunday 16:50 16:55 webm mp4

Mozilla devroom (15)

Continuous Localization
How we ship localized versions of Firefox, on Laptops and Android
Axel Hecht UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
Firefox is your Marionette
Get fun using the unit test system to control Firefox
Daniele Scasciafratte UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
HTTP over QUIC is the next generation
Daniel Stenberg UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 11:30 12:30 webm mp4
Global Consent Manager
Improving User Privacy and the Consent Experience for Trusted Websites
Tomislav Jovanovic UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
Project Things
A secure gateway to connect your things to Internet
Philippe Coval, Dipesh Monga UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 13:00 13:40 webm mp4
The State of Webassembly in 2019
DevTools, support and specifications ready and in progress in 2019
Gabriele Falasca UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 13:40 14:10 webm mp4
VR Map: WebXR with Real-World OSM Data
Simple GeoData Visualization with A-Frame
Robert Kaiser UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 14:10 14:40 webm mp4
Inclusion Includes You
Let's talk about how inclusion benefits all of us
Ali Spivak UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 14:40 15:10 webm mp4
Automated Analysis of TLS 1.3 Thyla van der Merwe UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 15:10 15:40 webm mp4
How XR goes beyond demos and games
Is XR just a trend? Or is there more to it?
Boris Budini UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 15:40 16:10 webm mp4
Countless, Beautiful Contributions Jessica Rose UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 16:10 16:40 webm mp4
Speed without Shenanigans
How Rust and WebAssembly is changing the web as we know it
UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 16:40 17:25 webm mp4
Yet Moar CSS Features Jean-Yves Perrier UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 17:25 18:00 webm mp4
Decentralizing the Web Despite Itself Dietrich Ayala UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 18:00 18:30 webm mp4
When perf-html Met A11y Eva Dovc UD2.208 (Decroly) Saturday 18:30 19:00 webm mp4

MySQL, MariaDB and Friends devroom (18)

Welcome to the MySQL, MariaDB & Friends Devroom
opening the Community Day
Frédéric Descamps, Ian Gilfillan H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 10:30 10:40
Patterns and anti-patterns in OSS participation
Lessons from MySQL AB, the MariaDB Foundation, and others
Zak Greant H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 10:40 11:00 webm mp4
Making Your MySQL Replication Setup Run Faster! Vitor Oliveira H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 11:10 11:30
AMENDMENT Un-split brain (aka Move Back in Time) MySQL Shlomi Noach H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 11:40 12:00 webm mp4
MySQL Replication - Advanced Features Peter Zaitsev H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 12:10 12:30 webm mp4
Tapping Into the Binary Log Change Stream Luis Soares H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 12:40 13:00 webm mp4
The art of multiplexing MySQL connections with ProxySQL René Cannaò H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 13:10 13:30 webm mp4
Improve your SQL
Common Table Expressions (CTE) and Window Functions
Susanne Holzgraefe H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 13:40 14:00 webm mp4
LATERAL derived table in MySQL Norvald H. Ryeng H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 14:10 14:30 webm mp4
Test complex database systems in a laptop with dbdeployer
The friendly tool that makes DBA and developers life easy
Giuseppe Maxia H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 14:40 15:00 webm mp4
MariaDB and MySQL — what statistics optimizer needs
or when and how not to use indexes
Sergei Golubchik UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 15:10 15:30 webm mp4
MySQL and the CAP theorem: relevance & misconceptions
Dissecting, affirming and refuting CAP assumptions in real production systems.
Shlomi Noach UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 15:40 16:00 webm mp4
How to create a useful MySQL bug report
...and make sure it's properly processed
Valerii Kravchuk UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 16:10 16:30 webm mp4
How Online Backup works in MyRocks and RocksDB Yoshinori Matsunobu UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 16:40 17:00 webm mp4
TiDB: Distributed, horizontally scalable, MySQL compatible Morgan Tocker UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 17:10 17:30 webm mp4
MySQL Performance Schema in 20 Minutes Sveta Smirnova UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 17:40 18:00 webm mp4
MySQL 8.0 Component Infrastructure
Why, what's there, what's next and how to use it
Joro Kodinov UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 18:10 18:30 webm mp4
MySQL 8.0 Document Store: How to Mix NoSQL & SQL in MySQL 8.0
a database where developers and DBAs live in peace
Frédéric Descamps UA2.118 (Henriot) Saturday 18:40 19:00 webm mp4

.NET and TypeScript devroom (18)

.NET on the Web with Mono WebAssembly Mikayla Hutchinson K.3.201 Saturday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
Advanced TypeScript tooling at scale Felix Becker K.3.201 Saturday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
Typescript => IL => Game Modding Supercharged Andreia Gaita K.3.201 Saturday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
Hacking F# in JS ecosystem Krzysztof Cieslak K.3.201 Saturday 12:00 12:30 webm mp4
AMENDMENT Retro.NET - .NET for building Console Applications Miguel De Icaza K.3.201 Saturday 12:30 12:45 webm mp4
Connecting .NET Core to D-Bus Tom Deseyn K.3.201 Saturday 12:45 13:00 webm mp4
Valkyrja and the tale of eating servers using C#
Valkyrja project - why .NET Core, C# & Fedora Linux in production?
Radka Janeková K.3.201 Saturday 13:00 13:15 webm mp4
TypeScript-It's time to migrate! Marco Talento K.3.201 Saturday 13:15 13:30 webm mp4
Interactive Computing with F# Jupyter Colin Gravill K.3.201 Saturday 13:30 14:00 webm mp4
Infrastructure as Typescript Mikhail Shilkov K.3.201 Saturday 14:00 14:30 webm mp4
Why, and How, we compiled Xaml into IL Stéphane Delcroix K.3.201 Saturday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
.NET Core 2.1 in Production
How Namely develops .NET Core services
Steve Ognibene K.3.201 Saturday 15:00 15:30 webm mp4
Medical image reconstruction using the .NET Framework Martin Sedmair K.3.201 Saturday 15:30 16:00 webm mp4
Intel® Hardware Intrinsics in .NET Core Han Lee K.3.201 Saturday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
Reinventing MVC pattern for web programming with F# Krzysztof Cieslak K.3.201 Saturday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4
Tuning a Runtime for Both Productivity and Performance Mei-Chin Tsai, Sergiy Kuryata K.3.201 Saturday 17:00 17:30 webm mp4
Panel: Open Source .NET Radka Janeková, Mikayla Hutchinson, Krzysztof Cieslak, Miguel De Icaza K.3.201 Saturday 17:30 18:15 webm mp4
.NET and TypeScript Lightning Talks Mikayla Hutchinson K.3.201 Saturday 18:15 19:00 webm mp4

Open Document Editors devroom (18)

Relaunching the ODF Adoption TC at OASIS Italo Vignoli UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
Server side solution for generating ODF reports
An important step to adopt ODF in Taiwan
Franklin Weng UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
Resurrecting Mozilla Themes for LibreOffice
Trying to uncover, fix and improve a hidden gem in the rough
Muhammet Kara UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
Quo vadis, LibreOffice extensions? Heiko Tietze UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 12:00 12:30 webm mp4
Improving LibreOffice quality together
A summary of what happened in 2018
Xisco Fauli UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
Collabora Office on iOS Tor Lillqvist UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
Preventing OOXML interoperability problems in LibreOffice Gabor Kelemen UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 13:30 14:00 webm mp4
New interoperability, i18n and LibreLogo improvements of LibreOffice
for office suite migrations in public sector, supported by NISZ and Foundation
László Németh UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 14:00 14:30 webm mp4
Mysql connector and other databases in LibreOffice
Changes around database drivers in LibreOffice
Tamás Bunth UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
Online - under the hood
How to bring LibreOffice to your web app
Michael Meeks UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 15:00 15:30 webm mp4
Vereign toolbar in LibreOffice Online
Technical aspects of integration of a 3rd party document signing service
Andras Timar UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 15:30 16:00 webm mp4
Improving SmartArt import in LibreOffice Impress Miklos Vajna UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
Do you know "layers"? Regina Henschel UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4
Clang plugins in LibreOffice - global analyses across a large codebase Noel Grandin UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 17:00 17:30 webm mp4
Native GTK Dialogs
current status and future work
Caolán McNamara UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 17:30 18:00 webm mp4
Are we optimiert yet? Michael Stahl UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 18:00 18:15 webm mp4
Text Mining with OpenOffice Andrea Pescetti UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 18:15 18:30
Lightning Talks Andras Timar UA2.114 (Baudoux) Saturday 18:30 19:00 webm mp4

Open Media devroom (15)

VLC 4.0
Jean-Baptiste Kempf H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
The final release of Kodi v18
A two year development story
Martijn Kaijser H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 11:00 11:25 webm mp4
GStreamer 1.16 and beyond Tim-Philipp Müller H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 11:30 11:55 webm mp4
Fearless Multimedia Programming
using GStreamer & Rust
Zeeshan Ali H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 12:00 12:25 webm mp4
GStreamer embedded state of the union 2019 Olivier Crête H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
Inject the Web into your GStreamer pipeline with WPE
using a GStreamer/WebKit source element
Philippe Normand H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 13:00 13:10 webm mp4
Voice Controlled Radio
Enabling broadcast reception for Smart Speakers
Ben Poor H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 13:15 13:25 webm mp4
EBUs - Live IP Software Toolkit
Open Source Software in professional media
Willem Vermost H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4
RIST - an evolutionary video transport protocol Kieran Kunhya H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
Video Analysis using CUDA and OpenCV
Detecting scene changes in videos using CUDA and OpenCV
Sam Radhakrishnan H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
Futatabi: Multi-camera instant replay with slow motion Steinar H. Gunderson H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 15:00 15:25 webm mp4
The SReview review system Wouter Verhelst H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 15:30 15:55 webm mp4
How libre can you go?
Reaching as many viewers as possible using only libre video technologies.
Phil Cluff H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
Migrating from Adobe Connect - the Victory of FOSS Over Proprietary Software Jess Portnoy H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 16:30 17:25 webm mp4
ossia ecosystem workshop
Combining media of all kinds with libossia and ossia score
Jean-Michaël Celerier H.1309 (Van Rijn) Saturday 17:30 18:25 webm mp4

Open Source Design devroom (17)

Welcome to the Open Source Design Collective!
An introduction to our Open Source Design collective
Bernard Tyers, Open Source Design Collective AW1.120 Saturday 10:30 10:50 webm mp4
Component-based Design System and Development Dávid Halász AW1.120 Saturday 11:00 11:20 webm mp4
Open Educational Resources on Digital Accessibility for Building Your Own Courses Christophe Strobbe AW1.120 Saturday 11:30 11:50 webm mp4
Designing for Activism
An overview of the UX overhaul of OONI Probe
Elio Qoshi AW1.120 Saturday 12:00 12:20 webm mp4
UX at Tor
an Open Approach
Antonela Debiasi AW1.120 Saturday 12:30 12:50 webm mp4
Breaking Down Language Barriers
Localizing for access, activism and preservation
Erin McConnell AW1.120 Saturday 13:00 13:20 webm mp4
The real cost of not doing user research
And how to get insight-based decisions on a budget
Olena Bulygina AW1.120 Saturday 13:30 13:50 webm mp4
Open Source Design in the trenches: a case study
How we redesigned the FOSDEM video review interface
Wouter Verhelst, Belen Barros Pena AW1.120 Saturday 14:00 14:20 webm mp4
Our Open Source Design collective
and group photo
Jan-Christoph Borchardt AW1.120 Saturday 14:30 14:50 webm mp4
Designing for Security Molly Wilson AW1.120 Saturday 15:00 15:20 webm mp4
Panel: Difficulties in having more designers participate in Open Source Ecaterina Moraru AW1.120 Saturday 15:30 16:20 webm mp4
Mobile design with device-to-device networks
Exploring the design space of novel technologies through research, design, prototyping and storytelling
Felipe Erias AW1.120 Saturday 16:30 16:50 webm mp4
Dotting the ethics i and crossing the t
Solid ethics for FOSS user research
Belen Barros Pena, Bernard Tyers AW1.120 Saturday 17:00 17:20 webm mp4
The Yoast Design Meeting and how it started us on the path to open source design Tim Hengeveld, Luc Kickken AW1.120 Saturday 17:30 17:50 webm mp4
Making furniture with Javascript
An open-source community run platform for designers to experiment with parametric furniture design.
Amit Nambiar AW1.120 Saturday 18:00 18:20 webm mp4
Pitch your project
Designers meet projects. Projects meet designers.
Bernard Tyers, Open Source Design Collective AW1.120 Saturday 18:30 18:50 webm mp4
Closing session Bernard Tyers, Open Source Design Collective AW1.120 Saturday 18:50 19:00

PHP & Friends devroom (5)

The First Contact Andreas Heigl K.4.601 Saturday 15:00 15:45 webm mp4
Profiling PHP applications Ike Devolder K.4.601 Saturday 16:00 16:45 webm mp4
Working with Webhooks Lorna Mitchell K.4.601 Saturday 16:55 17:25 webm mp4
Functions as a Service
How PHP set the ground stone for serverless
Sven Finke K.4.601 Saturday 17:35 18:20
AMENDMENT Async PHP Requests & Reactive Responses with PHP-FPM Holger Woltersdorf K.4.601 Saturday 18:30 19:00 webm mp4

PostgreSQL devroom (7)

AMENDMENT Around the world with Postgres extensions Craig Kerstiens UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 10:00 10:50 webm mp4
Hacking PostgreSQL Stephen Frost UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 11:00 11:50 webm mp4
What's new in PostgreSQL 11 Magnus Hagander UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 12:00 12:50 webm mp4
Deploying PostgreSQL on Kubernetes Jimmy Angelakos UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 13:00 13:50 webm mp4
Breaking PostgreSQL at Scale Christophe Pettus UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 14:00 14:50 webm mp4
Data Modeling, Normalization and Denormalization Dimitri Fontaine UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 15:00 15:50 webm mp4
Latest evolution of Linux IO stack, explained for database people Ilya Kosmodemiansky UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 16:00 16:50 webm mp4

Python devroom (16)

Beyond the 10%: analysis of the gender-diversity gap Daniel Izquierdo UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 09:00 09:25 webm mp4
Discover GraphQL with Python, Graphene and Odoo Stéphane Bidoul UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 09:30 09:55 webm mp4
How to write pylint plugins Alexander Todorov UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 10:00 10:25 webm mp4
Mastering Application/Service Configuration
How to cover your configuration needs with oslo.config
Moisés Guimarães UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
Demystifying Coroutines and Asynchronous Programming in Python Mariano Anaya UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 11:00 11:25 webm mp4
Tree matchings with Behavior Trees
How to recognize a complex subtree in a big tree
Lionel Auroux UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 11:30 11:55 webm mp4
Making your Python code write your Python code
Discover Python's 'ast' module to see how you can analyze and generate Python code
Marcin Sobczyk UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 12:00 12:25 webm mp4
Memory Management in Python
A Short Overview of CPythons Memory Management
Batuhan Taşkaya UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
Pyodide: scientific Python stack compiled in WebAssembly Roman Yurchak UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
Computer Games with MicroPython
Become a full-stack game developer.
Radomir Dopieralski UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4
Extending Numba Joris Geessels UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
Extending syslog-ng in Python
Best of both worlds
Peter Czanik UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
Text Markup to PDF with Python Lorna Mitchell UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 15:00 15:25 webm mp4
Compute the QOS of your infrastructure with DEPC Nicolas Crocfer, Anthony Olea UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 15:30 15:55 webm mp4
Salut à Toi: A Python Based Social Network And More
A multi-platforms communication ecosystem based on XMPP and Python
Jérôme Poisson (Goffi) UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
Solving Polynomial Systems in Python
phcpy: a scripting interface for PHCpack
Jan Verschelde UD2.120 (Chavanne) Sunday 16:30 16:55 webm mp4

Quantum Computing devroom (12)

When open source meets quantum computing
Opening keynote
Tomas Babej AW1.121 Saturday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
Forest: An Open Source Quantum Software Development Kit Robert Smith AW1.121 Saturday 11:00 11:45 webm mp4
Delivering Practical Quantum Computing on the D-Wave System Alexander Condello AW1.121 Saturday 11:50 12:20 webm mp4
D-Wave's Software Development Kit Alexander Condello AW1.121 Saturday 12:25 12:55 webm mp4
D-Wave Hybrid Framework Radomir Stevanovic AW1.121 Saturday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
What is IBMQ Mark Mattingley-Scott AW1.121 Saturday 13:35 14:20 webm mp4
Make your code count: Quantum simulations and collaborative code development
Introduction to QuTiP: the quantum toolbox in Python
Shahnawaz Ahmed AW1.121 Saturday 14:25 15:10 webm mp4
Strawberry Fields - software for photonic quantum computing Joshua Izaac AW1.121 Saturday 15:15 16:00 webm mp4
PennyLane - Automatic differentiation and machine learning of quantum computations Nathan Killoran AW1.121 Saturday 16:05 16:50 webm mp4
Quantum Computing at Google and in the Cloud
An update on Google's quantum computing program and its open source tools.
Kevin D. Kissell AW1.121 Saturday 16:55 17:40 webm mp4
Promotion of open source and role of standardization in Quantum Computing
Open panel discussion
Tomas Babej, Mark Fingerhuth AW1.121 Saturday 17:45 18:30 webm mp4
Exponential speedup in progress
Closing remarks
Mark Fingerhuth AW1.121 Saturday 18:35 19:00 webm mp4

Real Time Communications (RTC) devroom (18)

Asterisk WebRTC frontier: make client SIP Phone with sipML5 and Janus Gateway
Analyzing a real project on production ( we will look at two different implementations of a SIP Phone WebRTC of NethCTI Web App. We will see great code examples, WebRTC technologies and a real demo of an audio/video call
Alessandro Polidori H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 09:00 09:20 webm mp4
XMPP Beyond Instant Messaging
How we use XMPP to do many neat features
Jérôme Poisson (Goffi) H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 09:25 09:45 webm mp4
Kamailio VoIP development update Henning Westerholt H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 09:50 10:10 webm mp4
Beyond the monoculture
Alternative WebRTC implementations in C and Python
Jeremy Lainé H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 10:15 10:35 webm mp4
Breaking the 100 bits per second barrier with Matrix
An entirely new transport for Matrix for really terrible networks.
Matthew Hodgson H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 10:40 11:00 webm mp4
Break the Messaging Silos with COI
Get to know the Chat Over IMAP initiative
Robert Virkus H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 11:05 11:25 webm mp4
Building Immersive Experiences with the Web
The power of the Web with WebXR
Dan Jenkins H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 11:30 11:50 webm mp4
Introduction to reSIProcate
A quickstart for C++ SIP application development
Daniel Pocock H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 11:55 12:15 webm mp4
Asterisk 16: What's new in the world of Asterisk Matthew Fredrickson H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 12:20 12:40 webm mp4
Building a Multi-Node SIP Platform Using OpenSIPS
Cluster multiple OpenSIPS nodes to create a highly available, multi-node SIP platform
Razvan Crainea, Liviu Chircu H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 12:45 13:05 webm mp4
Going mobile with React Native and WebRTC
How Jitsi Meet went from web to mobile, while sharing most of its code
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 13:10 13:30 webm mp4
Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzing and WebRTC using Janus
Having fun with Janus, libFuzzer, OpenCV and Tensorflow
Alessandro Toppi, Paolo Saviano H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 13:35 13:55 webm mp4
Converse: Open, federated teamchat with XMPP JC Brand H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 14:00 14:20 webm mp4
Unified Communications with Pàdé
Making the X in XMPP work with software
Dele Olajide H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 14:25 14:45 webm mp4
Timeseries for Fun and Profit
Lorenzo Mangani H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 14:50 15:10 webm mp4
VoIP Troubleshooting and Monitoring with SIP3
Twenty Thousand MPS under the SIP: VoIP network troubleshooting and monitoring simplified
Oleg Agafonov H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 15:15 15:35 webm mp4
Fraud mitigation using traffic pattern monitoring with CGRateS Teofil Voivozeanu H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 15:40 16:00 webm mp4
Make XMPP Sprint Again Maxime Buquet H.1309 (Van Rijn) Sunday 16:05 16:25 webm mp4

Retrocomputing devroom (8)

Welcome to the RetroComputing devroom Pau Garcia Quiles (pgquiles), François Revol K.4.601 Saturday 10:30 10:35
Hatari - a cycle-exact Atari ST emulator Thomas Huth K.4.601 Saturday 10:35 11:05
AMENDMENT Open source projects at Silicium retrocomputing association
A french non-profit organization for the preservation of videogame and computer heritage
Benoît Triquet, Rene Speranza K.4.601 Saturday 11:05 11:50
CANCELED Restoring a 30+ years old Minitel server on Apple II Christian Quest K.4.601 Saturday 11:55 12:25
GBForth: Using Forth to understand the Game Boy Tijn Kersjes, David Vázquez Púa K.4.601 Saturday 12:25 12:55 webm mp4
Introduction to the BASIC Engine
A low-cost single-board home computer programmable in BASIC that can be built at home for under 10 Euros
Ulrich Hecht K.4.601 Saturday 13:00 13:45 webm mp4
Preserving numerical algorithms Arpad Laszlo Lukacs K.4.601 Saturday 13:45 14:15 webm mp4
Making Open Source Hardware for Retrogaming on Raspberry Pi Leon Anavi K.4.601 Saturday 14:15 14:40 webm mp4

RISC-V devroom (11)

LLVM+Clang for RISC-V
Past, present, and future
Alex Bradbury AW1.126 Saturday 10:30 11:15 webm mp4
Porting Debian to the RISC-V architecture
Tales from a long quest
K. Merker AW1.126 Saturday 11:30 12:30 webm mp4
The future of Supervisor Binary Interface(SBI) Atish Patra AW1.126 Saturday 12:30 13:15 webm mp4
Alternative languages for safe and secure RISC-V programming Fabien Chouteau AW1.126 Saturday 13:30 14:15 webm mp4
How compact is compiled RISC-V code? Jeremy Bennett AW1.126 Saturday 14:15 14:45 webm mp4
Running the FreeRTOS kernel in RISC-V emulators and RISC-V hardware
Richard Barry AW1.126 Saturday 14:45 15:15 webm mp4
Lessons learned from porting HelenOS to RISC-V
Pros and cons of RISC-V from a microkernel OS point of view
Martin Děcký AW1.126 Saturday 15:30 16:15 webm mp4
Updates from the RISC-V TEE Group
Working on a Trusted Execution Environment spec for RISC-V
Nick Kossifidis AW1.126 Saturday 16:15 17:00 webm mp4
Using SAIL to generate GNU assembler/disassembler and simulator for RISC-V Mary Bennett AW1.126 Saturday 17:15 18:00 webm mp4
Buildroot for RISC-V
Using Buildroot to create embedded Linux systems for 64-bit RISC-V
Mark Corbin AW1.126 Saturday 18:00 18:30 webm mp4
Fedora on RISC-V 64-bit
Introduction, Brief Overview and Latest Developments
David Abdurachmanov AW1.126 Saturday 18:30 19:00 webm mp4

Rust devroom (12)

RustPython: a Python implementation in Rust
Building a Python 3 interpreter in Rust
Windel Bouwman, Shing Lyu UD2.208 (Decroly) Sunday 09:00 09:25 webm mp4
What is Rust doing behind the curtains?
Exploring syntactic sugar with cargo-inspect
Matthias Endler UD2.208 (Decroly) Sunday 09:30 10:15 webm mp4
RustPräzi: a tool to build an entire call graph of
From package-based to precise call-based dependency network analysis
Joseph Hejderup UD2.208 (Decroly) Sunday 10:20 10:45 webm mp4
Beyond The First Steps
Key ideas and advices to improve your development posture
Jay Lee, Ana Hobden UD2.208 (Decroly) Sunday 10:50 11:35 webm mp4
Sans IO: safe and testable network protocols
Building safe, deterministic and testable network protocols by removing IO
Geoffroy Couprie UD2.208 (Decroly) Sunday 11:40 12:25 webm mp4
Introducing rust-prometheus
How Rust makes metrics safe and fast
Wish Shi UD2.208 (Decroly) Sunday 12:30 13:15 webm mp4
Profiling Rust
Rust bindings for the HawkTracer profiler
Alexandru Ene UD2.208 (Decroly) Sunday 13:20 13:45 webm mp4
Rust and GNOME
Adoption and impact of Rust through out GNOME
Jordan Petridis UD2.208 (Decroly) Sunday 13:50 14:15 webm mp4
gtk-rs: newest and future developments
Progress report on GTK+ Rust bindings
Guillaume Gomez UD2.208 (Decroly) Sunday 14:20 14:45 webm mp4
GObject subclassing in Rust for extending GTK+ & GStreamer
Or: How to safely implement subclassing in Rust while making use of a C library
Sebastian Dröge UD2.208 (Decroly) Sunday 14:50 15:35 webm mp4
Call C++ from Rust with the cpp crate
Interoperate with C++ libraries, using Qt as an example
Olivier Goffart UD2.208 (Decroly) Sunday 15:40 16:05 webm mp4
Containing the RDMA plasma
An experience report on wrapping a wildly unsafe library
Andrea Lattuada UD2.208 (Decroly) Sunday 16:10 16:35 webm mp4

Software Defined Networking devroom (20)

XDP (eXpress Data Path) as a building block for other FOSS projects Magnus Karlsson, Jesper Brouer H.2214 Saturday 10:30 11:20 webm mp4
Cilium - overview and recent updates Michal Rostecki H.2214 Saturday 11:20 11:40 webm mp4
Merging System and Network Monitoring with BPF
Merging packets with system events using eBPF
Luca Deri, Samuele Sabella H.2214 Saturday 11:40 12:10 webm mp4
Unifying network filtering rules for the Linux kernel with eBPF Quentin Monnet H.2214 Saturday 12:10 12:30 webm mp4
Oko: Open vSwitch Extensions with BPF
Getting the best of Flow Table and Code-based approaches to network programmability
Paul Chaignon H.2214 Saturday 12:30 12:45
An update on Virtio
What happened recently and what's coming soon?
Jens Freimann H.2214 Saturday 12:45 13:00 webm mp4
Writing Network Drivers in High-Level Languages
How to write drivers in Rust, go, C#, Swift, Haskell, and OCaml
Paul Emmerich, Simon Ellmann H.2214 Saturday 13:00 13:20 webm mp4
How a Connect-X device driver works
How we wrote a Connect-X 4/5 10G-100G driver for Snabb
Luke Gorrie H.2214 Saturday 13:20 13:35 webm mp4
VNF development made easy with netmap
A flexible framework for high performance packet processing within QEMU VMs
Vincenzo Maffione H.2214 Saturday 13:35 14:05 webm mp4
ONOS Introduction
Overview of ONOS, Open Network Operating System from ONF, the Open Networking Foundation.
Laszlo Papp H.2214 Saturday 14:05 14:25 webm mp4
Automation networking engine for enterprise SDN
Ansible Networking and OpenDaylight integration
Ricardo Noriega H.2214 Saturday 14:25 14:40 webm mp4
A Scalable Approach to Virtual Switching Ciara Loftus, Bruce Richardson H.2214 Saturday 14:40 15:00 webm mp4
VPP & Ligato use cases: Contiv/VPP CNI plugin for Kubernetes & IPSEC VPN gateway
Development of cloud-native network functions with VPP & Ligato
Giles Heron, Rastislav Szabo H.2214 Saturday 15:00 15:40 webm mp4
Northbound Connections of VPP for NFV in Containers and Kubernetes Thomas F Herbert, Billy McFall H.2214 Saturday 15:40 16:00 webm mp4
Building production-grade networking software with CSIT
Building fast and robust networking software must be data-driven!
Ray Kinsella, Maciek Konstantynowicz H.2214 Saturday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
Testing your infrastructure and services with the help of OPNFV testperf team Emma Foley H.2214 Saturday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4
Are you insured against your noisy neighbor? Sunku Ranganath H.2214 Saturday 17:00 17:20 webm mp4
Introduction to dpdk-burst-replay
A tiny tool for easily inject pcap files on DPDK NICs
Jonathan Ribas H.2214 Saturday 17:20 17:35 webm mp4
Enrich your NIC's capabilities with DPDK SoftNIC Kevin Laatz, Reshma Begam Pattan H.2214 Saturday 17:35 17:50 webm mp4
From closed to Open Source switch ASICs
The transition in the world of switching asics
Tobias Jungel H.2214 Saturday 17:50 18:20 webm mp4

Search devroom (9)

ElasticSearch Correctness and perfOrmance Validator
Formally measuring the cost of a query before hitting the fan
Santiago Saavedra K.3.201 Sunday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
Learning to Rank
Explained for Dinosaurs
Sambhav Kothari, Diego Ceccarelli K.3.201 Sunday 11:00 11:50 webm mp4
From table to index (and back) with Hibernate Search 6
Leveraging Elasticsearch's power with a relational DB as primary source of truth
Yoann Rodiere K.3.201 Sunday 12:00 12:25 webm mp4
A Deepdive into Tantivy Paul Masurel K.3.201 Sunday 12:30 13:20 webm mp4
Apache Lucene and Apache Solr 8
What’s coming next?
Uwe Schindler K.3.201 Sunday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4
Super-speedy scoring in Lucene 8 Alan Woodward K.3.201 Sunday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
Lucene Upgrade in Jira 8.0
How we fought and killed the code debt beast
Kamil Cichy K.3.201 Sunday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
Rated Ranking Evaluator: an open-source approach for Search Quality Evaluation
How to automate the Search Quality Evaluation process using a completely based FOSS solution
Andrea Gazzarini, Alessandro Benedetti K.3.201 Sunday 15:00 15:50 webm mp4
CANCELLED Full-text Search Tips and Tricks Denis Wilson Souza Rosa K.3.201 Sunday 16:00 16:50

Security devroom (15)

Open source software security testing
Crowd supported via bug bounty
Stijn Jans UD2.218A Sunday 09:30 09:55 webm mp4
TLS 1.3: what developers should know about the APIs Daiki Ueno UD2.218A Sunday 10:00 10:25 webm mp4
Russian crypto algorithms in the OpenSource world
GOST crypto demystified
Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov (Lumag) UD2.218A Sunday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
The new EU CyberSecurity Act
Or how to prevent the EU from becoming the worlds largest botnet honeypot
Hans de Raad (OpenNovations) UD2.218A Sunday 11:00 11:25 webm mp4
Tracking users with core Internet protocols
Enhancing privacy and performance the Internet
Tobias Mueller UD2.218A Sunday 11:30 11:55 webm mp4
How to prevent cryptographic pitfalls by design Maximilian Blochberger UD2.218A Sunday 12:00 12:25 webm mp4
USB borne attacks and usable defense mechanisms
Hardening built into the operating system without compromising on usability
Tobias Mueller, Ludovico de Nittis UD2.218A Sunday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
No evidence of communication and implementing a protocol: Off-the-Record protocol version 4
Version 4 of OTR protocol
Sofía Celi UD2.218A Sunday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
RecordFlux: Facilitating the Verification of Communication Protocols Tobias Reiher UD2.218A Sunday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4
CHIPSEC on non-UEFI Platforms
Using CHIPSEC to harden firmware against attacks & exploits
Brian Richardson UD2.218A Sunday 14:00 14:25 webm mp4
Base64 is not encryption
A better story for Kubernetes Secrets
Seth Vargo UD2.218A Sunday 14:30 14:55 webm mp4
What are your users kubectl-ing into your Kubernetes cluster? Julio Garcia UD2.218A Sunday 15:00 15:25 webm mp4
Scale Your Auditing Events Philipp Krenn UD2.218A Sunday 15:30 15:55 webm mp4
Fighting spam for fun and profit
the long road to SpamAssassin 4.0
Giovanni Bechis UD2.218A Sunday 16:00 16:25 webm mp4
Consistent PKCS#11 in Operating Systems
improving user experience and security in RHEL and Fedora
Jakub Jelen UD2.218A Sunday 16:30 16:55 webm mp4

Software Defined Storage devroom (17)

Ceph wire protocol revisited - Messenger V2 Ricardo Dias H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 16:30 17:10 webm mp4
Challenges in Monitoring Distributed Storage Environment and how Tendrl addresses them Rishubh Jain, Gowtham Shanmugasundaram H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 17:15 17:40 webm mp4
What's new in DeepSea
An overview of new features
Joshua Schmid H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 17:45 18:10 webm mp4
Replicated SDS with DRBD & LINSTOR
An Open Source SDS for the automated management of storage clusters
Robert Altnoeder H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 18:15 18:55 webm mp4
NFS-Ganesha Weather Report Jiffin Tony Thottan H.2214 Sunday 09:00 09:20 webm mp4
Leveraging ceph-mgr modules for fun and profit Joao Eduardo Luis H.2214 Sunday 09:25 09:50 webm mp4
How we use Gluster
offering Gluster-as-a-service
Jurgen Reij H.2214 Sunday 09:55 10:10 webm mp4
The Container Storage Interface, Explained Gorka Eguileor H.2214 Sunday 10:15 10:50 webm mp4
What's new in Ceph Nautilus
project status update and preview of the coming release
Sage Weil H.2214 Sunday 10:55 11:35 webm mp4
OpenEBS asymmetric block layer in user-space breaking the million IOPS barrier Jeffry Molanus H.2214 Sunday 11:40 12:20 webm mp4
Clustered Samba: Witness Protection Programming David Disseldorp, Samuel Cabrero H.2214 Sunday 12:25 12:50 webm mp4
Ceph storage with Rook
Running Ceph on Kubernetes
Alexander Trost H.2214 Sunday 12:55 13:35 webm mp4
Gluster Container Storage
Storage for containers, in containers
Kaushal Madappa H.2214 Sunday 13:40 14:20 webm mp4
Managing and Monitoring Ceph with the Ceph Manager Dashboard
Introduction / Overview and Demo
Lenz Grimmer H.2214 Sunday 14:25 15:05 webm mp4
SMB2 POSIX Extensions
Where we are, what remains to be done.
Jeremy Allison H.2214 Sunday 15:10 15:50 webm mp4
Exporting Ceph Object Storage data to the outside world
RGW Sync Modules for fun & profit!
Abhishek Lekshmanan H.2214 Sunday 15:55 16:10 webm mp4
Storing "Lots Of Small Files" in a Swift cluster Romain LE DISEZ H.2214 Sunday 16:15 17:00 webm mp4

Tool the Docs devroom (7)

Introduction to OpenAPI Specification Lorna Mitchell UD2.119 Saturday 10:30 10:55 webm mp4
Building Pantheon documentation
Feedback about on our documentation team experience
Nicolas Massart UD2.119 Saturday 11:00 11:25 webm mp4
Multilingual Kubernetes
The stack, how we got there, and what it took to get there
Zach Corleissen UD2.119 Saturday 11:30 11:55 webm mp4
Write Drunk - Test Automated
Different aspects of Continuous Integration Testing for documentation testing
Sven Strack UD2.119 Saturday 12:00 12:25 webm mp4
Getting to Closer to a Software Help Language
Untangling complexities of the LibreOffice Help
Olivier Hallot UD2.119 Saturday 12:30 12:55 webm mp4
Who needs pandoc when you have Sphinx?
An exploration of the parsers and builders of the Sphinx documentation tool
Stephen Finucane UD2.119 Saturday 13:00 13:25 webm mp4
To the future with Grav CMS
How we migrated from a Wiki to the open-source Grav CMS
Aleksei Akimov UD2.119 Saturday 13:30 13:55 webm mp4

Virtualization and IaaS devroom (17)

"Enlightening" KVM
Hyper-V emulation
Vitaly Kuznetsov H.2213 Saturday 10:30 11:00 webm mp4
Getting To Blinky: Virt Edition
Making device pass-through work on embedded ARM
Geert Uytterhoeven H.2213 Saturday 11:00 11:30 webm mp4
Toward exploring virtual disks using a file manager! Arik Hadas H.2213 Saturday 11:30 12:00 webm mp4
It's Time for the Populator
Declarative initialization of kubernetes persistent storage
Adam Litke H.2213 Saturday 12:00 12:30 webm mp4
Bare Metal In The Cloud: Isn’t it Ironic?
Explaining OpenStack bare metal provisioning service
Dmitry Tantsur, Ilya Etingof H.2213 Saturday 12:30 13:00 webm mp4
Managing VMs and Containers in a Deeply Integrated UI Marek Libra H.2213 Saturday 13:00 13:30 webm mp4
Monitoring Kubernetes and Virtualization Yanir Quinn H.2213 Saturday 13:30 14:00 webm mp4
Make Room! Make Room!
Space saving techniques in oVirt
Denis Chaplygin H.2213 Saturday 14:00 14:30 webm mp4
Use kcli with all your virtualization solutions! Karim Boumedhel H.2213 Saturday 14:30 15:00 webm mp4
High performance virtual machines in oVirt
Explain oVirt solution for easy creation of virtual machines running in highest possible performance
Sharon Gratch H.2213 Saturday 15:00 15:30 webm mp4
Speeding up the Booting Time of a Toro Appliance Matias Vara H.2213 Saturday 15:30 16:00 webm mp4
Apply complex network configuration to your Kubernetes cluster hosts by declaring it Petr Horáček H.2213 Saturday 16:00 16:30 webm mp4
Real-time virtualization automation
Mgmt Config: Virtualization
James Shubin H.2213 Saturday 16:30 17:00 webm mp4
Securing Secure Boot on Xen Ross Lagerwall H.2213 Saturday 17:00 17:30 webm mp4
XCP-ng: building an Open Source and turnkey virtualization platform
From Kickstarter to the datacenter, a Xen based solution
Olivier Lambert H.2213 Saturday 17:30 18:00 webm mp4
shared virtualization crates
Andreea Florescu H.2213 Saturday 18:00 18:30 webm mp4
Virtual IOMMU Implementation using HW Nested Paging Eric Auger H.2213 Saturday 18:30 19:00 webm mp4

Keysigning (1)

PGP Keysigning FOSDEM Staff UD2.Corridor Sunday 14:00 16:00

Quantum Computing Workshop (1)

Quantum Computing Workshop Tomas Babej UB2.147 Sunday 09:00 16:30

BOFs (Track A - in J.1.106) (12)

Apache Camel Meetup
Meeting of the Apache Camel community
Zoran Regvart J.1.106 Saturday 12:00 13:00
MuseScore User and developer Meetup
Free and open-source music notation software
Thomas Bonte J.1.106 Saturday 13:00 14:00
GNURadio BoF
Hack the #cyberspectrum
Philip Balister J.1.106 Saturday 14:00 15:00
ZeroPhone meetup
Hardware demo, Q&A
Arsenijs Picugins J.1.106 Saturday 15:00 16:00
Kodi Meetup
Meeting for the Kodi media center community
Philipp Kerling J.1.106 Saturday 16:00 17:00
Free Software on Mobile Devices
Community Q/A
sramkrishna J.1.106 Saturday 17:00 18:00
FreedomBox Meetup Danny Haidar J.1.106 Sunday 10:00 11:00
Replicant Meetup
Meeting for the Replicant community
Joonas Kylmälä J.1.106 Sunday 11:00 13:00
TinyGo BoF
TinyGo compiler for microcontrollers and WASM
Ron Evans J.1.106 Sunday 13:00 14:00 meetup users and devs
ddevault J.1.106 Sunday 14:00 15:00
sway/wlroots meetup emersion J.1.106 Sunday 15:00 16:00
OpenHMD Community meeting
Open Source VR driver development, reverse engineering and community gathering of OpenHMD.
TheOnlyJoey J.1.106 Sunday 16:00 17:00

BOFs (Track B - in H.3242) (7)

Apache Maven H.3242 Saturday 11:00 12:00
Samba 4 self-compiling H.3242 Saturday 16:00 17:00
Nethserver H.3242 Saturday 17:00 18:00
Riot OS H.3242 Sunday 13:00 14:00
Podcast Friends of IllumOS H.3242 Sunday 14:00 15:00
Lua H.3242 Sunday 15:00 16:00
Jenkins project continuous delivery H.3242 Sunday 16:00 17:00

BOFs (Track C - in H.3244) (8)

SailfishOS H.3244 Saturday 14:00 15:00
VideoLAN BOF H.3244 Sunday 10:00 11:00
VLC Tech Meet H.3244 Sunday 11:00 12:00
Gluster FS H.3242 Sunday 11:00 12:00
Terraform and Infrastructure Testing H.3244 Sunday 12:00 13:00
Arch Linux Meetup H.3244 Sunday 13:00 14:00
Tor relay operators meetup H.3244 Sunday 15:00 16:00
Sharing CI infrastructure on FOSS Projects H.3244 Sunday 16:00 17:00

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