Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


LAVA federated testing

Testing with and by the community

LAVA is an automated validation architecture primarily aimed at testing deployments of systems based around the Linux kernel on ARM devices, specifically ARMv7 and later. LAVA is becoming the de facto standard to test software (bootloader, kernel, userspace) on development boards (rpi, juno, beagle, ...). It's used by many projects to build large testing systems like kernelci.

LAVA is at the same time supporting a wide range of devices and maintained by a small team of people. Which mean that maintainers do not have access to most device types that LAVA is supported.

In this lightning talk, I will present LAVA Federation, a project aiming at testing the LAVA software on community owned hardware. The tests will be spread across many labs, owned by the community members with a variety of community hardware.


RĂ©mi Duraffort