Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Ceph storage with Rook

Running Ceph on Kubernetes

The talk will show how simple it is to use Rook for Ceph storage on Kubernetes. In addition to showing how simple it is to use the storage, the ease of adding and removing nodes will also be shown in a demo.

Target audience are people interested in Ceph and Kubernetes.


  • What is Rook?
  • Architecture of Rook
  • Kubernetes native integration
  • What can Rook help you do (better) with Ceph?
  • Demo of Rook's capabilities
    • Creating a Ceph cluster
    • Showing ease of consuming storage using an example application
    • Adding and removing a new (Ceph) cluster node
  • Why Rook?


Photo of Alexander Trost Alexander Trost