Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


From the idea to the prototype using FLOSS

Now that Arduino, Raspeberry Pi & other development boards are widely available, anyone can envision creating an intelligent and/or connected object. But which tools do the FLOSS community provide to help us in this kind of project ?

Any IoT project will generally start with "off-the-shelf" modules, but as soon as things become serious, it will be important to integrate all of the electronics into a single "HAT" or "shield", and finally build a fancy case to hold it all. This will require using electronics development tools, as well as mechanical design software, before finally coding the embedded software.

This talk will walk you through an example workflow, which will help you bring your ideas to the real world. Along with a few tips & tricks, we will introduce a range of "libre" EDA and CAD software that can be used to assist you during the design and implementation of your project.


Arnaud Ferraris