Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


What's new in the GPU virtual world?

The FOSS GPU virtualization stack has never before seen as intensive progress as in the the last months. Virglrenderer started as a research project to investigate the possibility of creating a virtual 3D GPU for use inside QEMU virtual machines that allows the guest operating system to use the capabilities of the host GPU to accelerate 3D rendering and is now getting to a product level quality.

This talk will go through an introduction of the Open Source graphics virtualization stack, the security advantages, look at history of the project and at what is happening to take it to production level.

Finally, the future plan for the GPU virtualization stack will be shared, like the support to different versions of OpenGL ES and Vulkan on the guest side, improvements to the performance and security of the stack.


Photo of Elie Tournier Elie Tournier