Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Test complex database systems in a laptop with dbdeployer

The friendly tool that makes DBA and developers life easy

Meet dbdeployer, a tool that helps developers and DBA to deploy and test simple and complex database systems from the oldest versions to the latest ones.

dbdeployer is a tool that helps developers and DBAs to quickly deploy a single MySQL server of any version, without affecting existing servers in the same host. It can also deploy, in a single machine, a test system for replication in several topologies (master/slave, single or multi primary group replication, multi-source replication). The tool creates sandboxes that are equipped with customised scripts that allow users to manipulate and test all the deployed databases. This talk will show the main scenarios where dbdeployer is useful, with examples of usage and tips for a quick start.


Photo of Giuseppe Maxia Giuseppe Maxia