Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Salut à Toi: A Python Based Social Network And More

A multi-platforms communication ecosystem based on XMPP and Python

"Salut à Toi" is a Python based multi-platforms decentralized communication ecosystem. It is using a standard protocol (XMPP) and offers a lot of features like chat, e2e encryption, files sharing, photo albums, events, (micro)blogging, forums, remote control, tickets, merge-requests and even a decentralized web framework. This talk is an overview and a demonstration of the project, and it will explain how the Python technologies helped.

"Salut à Toi" is a large communication ecosystem based on a daemon/frontends architecture, and available on many platforms (desktop, mobile, web, console). It uses the power of XMPP far beyond instant messaging, and takes profit of many exciting python technologies such as Twisted, Kivy, python-for-android, Jinja2, or Urwid.

This talk will be a quick tour of the project mainly focusing on desktop/mobile frontend and web frontend.

After a brief explanation of the project, the association behind, and its goals, a demo of the desktop/mobile frontend will be done on GNU/Linux and on Android, with features likes: - one2one and group chat with e2e encryption (OTR and OMEMO) - sharing a folder either in P2P or through a server à la Owncloud/Nextcloud, with easy permission handling - remote controlling a VLC instance running on the desktop through the Android app

Then a demo of the web frontend will take place with blogging, events, forums, tickets and merge-requests.

This will be the occasion to have some words on the Python technologies used and how, and why Python has helped a lot.

More details on the project can be found on or on the blog of the main developer:


Jérôme Poisson (Goffi)