Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


An update on Virtio

What happened recently and what's coming soon?

Virtio 1.1 was released recently and it brings some exciting new features, pushing forward performance and hardware implmementations of Virtio. In this talk we will look into what happened since FOSDEM 2018 and also look at which features are on the horizon and can be expected soon.

Virtio is a common framework for IO virtualization in hypervisors. It is part of DPDK accelerated Open vSwitch and allows for hardware abstracted VNFs. In the past year version 1.1 of the Standard document was released and the additions focused on support for hardware implementations and performcance improvements. This talk will give an overview of new features and will also give a quick introduction into how interested parties can participate in work on the Virtio specification.


Photo of Jens Freimann Jens Freimann