Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


AMENDMENT Theo: The Authorized Keys Manager

How to manage easily and securely ssh accesses to your servers

In this talk I will explain why and how we decided to write Theo and how Theo will help you to secure your servers' accesses.

Please note that this talk was originally scheduled to be given on Saturday at 18:40. The talk originally in this slot, The brief case for User-space Network Stacks (DPDK and friends) by Ray Kinsella will now take place on Saturday at 18:40.

Theo is a 3 components software (a server, an agent and an administrative CLI) that you can use to replace - or to put aside - of all the $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys in your organisation.

Managing access to your servers could be a time-wasting and error-prone task, even in small organisations: you need to add the public keys of new team member, clean up them when a member leaves, update them when people generate new ones.

With Theo you'll be able to control all accounts' public keys and configure which servers and which OS users they can access.

If you want to take part of the live demo, please send your public key to


Photo of Michele Azzolari Michele Azzolari