Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


MySQL Replication - Advanced Features

MySQL Replication is powerful and has added a lot of advanced features through the years. In this presentation we will look into replication technology in MySQL 8 and variants focusing on advanced features, what do they mean, when to use them and when not, Including

When should you use STATEMENT, ROW or MIXED binary log format ?

What is GTID in MySQL and MariaDB and why do you want to use them ?

What is semi-sync replication and how is it different from lossless semi-sync ?

What are the different parallel replication options and when do they excell ?

Why delaying transaction commits can improve your application performance ?

How is MySQL Group Replication is different from standard replication and Galera ?

This presentation is for audience well familiar with MySQL Replication and looking to expand their knowledge in deeper replication topics.


Photo of Peter Zaitsev Peter Zaitsev