Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


CANCELLED Full-text Search Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately our speaker cannot make it. Have a quick recovery, Denis!

The real challenge in search is not how to pick the best search engine framework or how to find a match, but how to bring the most relevant results. In this talk we will discuss about relevance and to extract most of your search engine framework by indexing your data in multiple ways, boosting fields correctly, using analyzers, fuzziness, penalizing results, facets, and searching on data with different structures.

In this session we are also going to build from scratch a movie’s search microservice.

In this talk, I basically go through some of the major problems with relevance while building a search mechanism in an application. I spend usually half of the presentation implementing the concepts that I show and comparing with the results we had before.


Photo of Denis Wilson Souza Rosa Denis Wilson Souza Rosa