Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Analysis of the behavior of mobile applications and its consequences for our privacy

Presentation and analysis of the work of Exodus Privacy

Presentation of the organization Exodus Privacy and its study of the respect of privacy by Android applications, via a platform performing static analyses of APK files (in order to identify trackers embedded in Android applications)

Exodus Privacy is a French non profit organization founded in 2017 and animated by hacktivists. We developed an open-source platform (called εxodus) in order to analyze Android applications from the Google Play Store and their respect of privacy, through the static analysis of APK files. This platform provides the public with reports presenting, among other things, trackers embedded in Android applications.

During this talk, we will present in details how we are analyzing Android applications on the εxodus platform and its results, as well as the impact on our privacy that represent trackers which have invaded our smartphones.